24 Hours With A Crawling 11 Month Old Baby

What a typical day looks like for us with a crawling 11 month old baby. From our 7am wake up call to dealing with teething, here’s what we get up to!

Sage is now 11 months old, and if you’ve watched my mommy content you’ll know our routine is constantly shifting and changing as she grows, especially now she’s on the move! No two baby routines will look the same. Your routine will need to adjust according to you, your baby, and your family set up. But I hope this will give you some insight into what a typical day looks like for us right now.

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Morning Routine with an 11 Month Old Baby

Sage usually gets us up between 7am and 7.30am, needing a diaper change and a breastfeed. She used to wake up at 6am, so it’s nice that she’s now sleeping in a little later. Once we’re up, Sage will play in her activity center, while myself and Mr Matt use the washroom and make some coffee. We also let her watch a bit of Cocomelon while I prep breakfast.

You can see the kind of things Sage eats here, but on this particular day I served her up some blueberry and banana pancakes (this is a similar recipe, just leave out the salt and baking powder). I also chopped up some avocado using this crinkle cutter, which is great for slippery foods because it makes it easier for baby to hold!

After breakfast we just let Sage roam around and play for a bit on her playmat. One of the best purchases I’ve made for her so far was this bag of mega blocks. She absolutely loves them! She’s also super attracted to books and her teddy right now. 

We’ll do another diaper change before we head out for our morning walk, and another when we get back. I’ve gotta tell you, changing an 11 month old baby who just wants to be on the move is not an easy task! The trick is to distract her as much as possible. 

I’ll then breastfeed her again before we read a story and she goes down for her first nap, which is always around 9:30am and for about an hour and a half. When she gets up we’ll do another diaper change and breastfeed. I tend to breastfeed before and after each nap, and then she’ll eat her meals about an hour after waking. Now that she’s older, I find laying on my side or having her sat up on my lap while breastfeeding is better for my back than cradling her. 

Afternoon Routine with an 11 Month Old Baby

After some more playtime, it’s time for lunch. Today we went for a lentil and beef bolognese that was loaded with veggies, paired with organic pasta spirals and topped with nutritional yeast. I also thawed some applesauce for her to eat that I made a while ago and froze. One tip I have is to try teaching your baby sign language, especially at meal times. Sage knows how to sign ‘more’, ‘milkies’ and ‘all done’, which makes communicating with her so much easier. There’s no special method to teach your baby sign language. It’s basically just repetition and eventually they’ll just start doing it. 

Sage has her second nap around 2.30pm, and again I’ll breastfeed beforehand and read her a story. After her nap we’ll do (yet another!) diaper change, and then she’ll have some more play time. She does tend to get a little grouchy as the day progresses at the moment because she’s teething, but this homeopathic remedy does seem to work quite well to soothe it, as well as these baby biscuits.

Evening Routine with an 11 Month Old Baby

Sage will have dinner around 5.30pm. Today I cooked up some sweet potato and peas, wild salmon and a peanut butter and coconut cookie that I made. Depending on whether I managed to meditate earlier in the day or not, I sometimes take this opportunity to do it while Matt feeds her.

After dinner we’ll do a final diaper change before getting her into her pyjamas and sleep sack ready for bed. We’ll read a book with her and do one more breastfeed (or bottle of breast milk if Matt is feeding her) and put her down for the night between 6.30pm and 7pm. 

What does your baby routine look like? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know!

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  1. My baby is 3 months old and I can’t wait to use your recipes to cook for him!
    I love your routine! Your baby is so sweet! Thanks for sharing!