Health Nut Cookbook Cover

The Toddler HealthNut Cookbook
is Here!

Navigating the picky eater stage one yummy bite at a time!

What's inside:

  • A 56-page digital cookbook with helpful tips, resources and guides to continuing your toddler’s journey between the ages of one to four years old and beyond.
  • Over 30+ nutrient-rich recipes from breakfast, mains, snacks, sweets and dips, made with real ingredients.

  • Strategically curated recipes that were created for the pickiest and curious little eaters and are family-friendly and kid tested.

  • Easy, step by step instructions with beautiful drool worthy photos for every recipe.

  • Recipes focused on finger and hand held foods and foods that your child can pick up using a spoon or fork to self feed or take on the go.

  • Includes my top 10 tips for picky eaters, tips for eating out, easy go to snack combos and a list of our favourite store bought snacks.

  • Freezer friendly, meal prep friendly and plant based options included.

The Toddler HealthNut Cookbook was created to help parents make healthier meal options for their kiddos in a stress-free and delicious way.

Give me the d-EATS!

With over 30+ nutrient-rich yet delicious recipes, made with real ingredients, this ebook will help you to continue raising an adventurous eater! You’ll find tips and tricks to help you navigate the exciting transition from babyhood to toddlerhood by serving meals they can really sink their new teeth into. This ebook is your complete guide to get started stress free and provides options for finger foods, tasty hand held on the go snacks and foods that your child can pick up using a spoon or fork to self feed.

Feel confident with every meal you serve your little ones as you navigate their ever-changing preferences, while also trying to keep your cool on days where half of your hard work ends up thrown across the kitchen (deep breaths)!

Featuring recipes like Pumpkin Spice French Toast Stix, Chewy Go Go Granola Bars, Blender Magic Muffins, Broccoli Dino Pesto, Frozen Unicorn Poops, 5 Minute Sugar-Free Ketchup, Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie and so much more that even the whole family will enjoy!

Recipes made with real ingredients, no artificial dyes/additives, and no added processed sugars or hydrogenated fats. These are the exact recipes I created for my own daughter, Sage, and is what she’s been eating from the very beginning of toddlerhood — recipes that have been made with love! You’ll find easy to follow instructions, tips for a healthy, happy toddler, a plethora of resources, and support to help you on the journey with feeding your child and raising an adventurous eater. Now let’s get cooking!

Ready to play with food?

  • Feel confident and ready to take on the dreaded “picky-eater” stage by stepping outside the world of beige foods of nuggets and fries
  • Make mealtime fun again with a collection of creative, colourful and tasty foods to have ready at your fingertips.
  • Family-friendly and kid tested healthy and delicious recipes the whole family will love!
  • Helpful tips and resources for raising an adventurous eater and a happy toddler.
  • Strategically curated recipes that were created for the pickiest and curious little eaters
  • Your complete stress free guide to continuing your child’s food journey into toddlerhood and beyond.


About Nikole

Hi, I’m Nikole, the face behind HealthNut Nutrition (one of Canada’s top healthy food and lifestyle YouTube channels) and bestselling author of The HealthNut Cookbook. Most importantly, I am a mom to a now two year old daughter, Sage with baby two on the way!

My goal is to help make mealtime fun again and take the stress out of what foods to serve our family and is why I created, The Toddler HealthNut Cookbook. I’m a parent just like YOU, trying to do my best when it comes to raising our growing little ones.