Health Nut Cookbook Cover

The Baby HealthNut Cookbook is Here!

Your baby’s first year of eats made easy + delicious

What's inside:

  • A 52-page digital cookbook with helpful tips, resources and guides to starting your baby’s journey of “first bites” between the ages of 6-12 months to Toddlerhood.
  • Over 30+ nutrient-rich recipes from breakfast, mains, snacks and sweets, made with real ingredients and no added sugar or salt.

  • Focused on purees and handheld foods whether you spoon feed or follow a baby led weaning approach.

  • Easy, step by step instructions and beautiful drool worthy photos for every recipe covering breakfast, mains, snacks and sweets.

  • Family friendly and baby tested and approved recipes!

  • A complete list of ingredients and favourite ‘go-to’ staples to keep in your pantry. 

  • Freezer friendly, meal prep friendly and plant based options included. 

I hope by the end of this cookbook you feel confident and ready to
introduce the world of flavour to your baby outside the world of puffed stars.

Give me the d-EATS!

With over 30+ nutrient-rich yet delicious recipes, made with real ingredients, this ebook will help make raising an adventurous eater as easy as 1-2-3! Making the transition from liquids to solids can feel overwhelming and stressful. This “first bites” edition is focused on the introductory stage of food between the ages of 6-12+ months up to toddlerhood. This ebook is your complete guide to get started stress free and provides options for purees, preloaded spoon friendly foods and hand-held baby led weaning style meals. Behind each recipe lies the idea that from the start of their eating journey, little ones should be enjoying real, whole foods and ingredients that you can feel good about introducing to your growing babies.

Variety, quality, and taste are the pillars of each recipe, allowing you to give your baby the fuel needed to grow, develop, and very importantly, LOVE food. The Baby HealthNut Cookbook will get your littles excited for meal time with each recipe bringing out the smiles, giggles, and signs to communicate that each bite is more delicious than the last.

Featuring Green Blender Babycakes, Apple Pie Quinoa Oatmeal, Nutty Monkey Pops, Baby Kale Chips, Zucchini Edamame Hummus, Quinoa with a Chance of Meatballs and so much more, you will have a hard time resisting putting these recipes on your own plate.

Free of added salt, sugars, and artificial dyes/flavours, this digital book will allow you to cook nourishing foods in an affordable, easy and fun way. You’ll find easy to follow instructions, meal prep tips, a list of pantry staples, a plethora of resources, and the comfort of knowing that you are not alone on the journey to help your baby become an adventurous eater. Now let’s EAT!

Skip to the good part

  • Feel confident about feeding your baby at every meal with real ingredients.
  • Introduce your baby’s taste buds to the world of colours, flavours and textures one spoonful at a time.
  • Mommy and baby approved healthy and delicious recipes to serve your little ones that will soon become weekly staples in your household.
  • Helpful tips and resources for raising an adventurous eater.
  • Your complete stress free guide to get started on your baby’s food journey.



“This cookbook has been so helpful in planning meals for my little one! The recipes are all easy to follow and not complicated or time consuming which is ideal for all parents. So far all the recipes I’ve made have been a big hit with my son, definitely purchase this cookbook if you are a parent!”


“I was so eager and excited to get my hands on this Baby HealthNut Cookbook because Nikole inspires me with new healthy recipes everyday not only for myself but for my 1 year old baby boy! We both love all the recipes from both HealthNut cookbooks! They’re delicious and most importantly they’re healthy for you.”


“We love our cookbook. My little one was only eating avocado,chicken, and raspberries till I ordered this. Now she’s expanding her palate. We made the bolognese tonight and she LOVED it and we had lots leftover to freeze in ice cube trays for other meals. She also loves the pancakes. We are dairy and egg free (allergies) and the recipe was so easy to modify to make it work for us. We also loved the cake for her 1st birthday. Lots of fun and yummy recipes!!”


"Both mama and baby love this cookbook! The recipes are quick and the ingredients are simple but there is a lot of flavor in every bite. As a working mom who still wants to feed their baby nutritious homemade foods, this has taken so much time and research off my plate."


"I love this book. It’s one of the few cookbooks I’ve purchased where I’ve actually made several recipes from it. My son loves these recipes; and I love that they’re easy to make and require minimal kitchen equipment. Definitely 10/10, highly recommend."


"The Baby HealthNut Cookbook helped our family so much! It guided us through a somewhat stressful transition in our 8 month old sons life - the introduction of finger foods! The book layout was easy to follow, beautifully presented and made cooking baby food fun - we now have a freezer full of easy meals for our little - making our days and mealtimes simple."


"Amaaaazing recipes! I am so happy I bought it. I downloaded the book this morning and am on my way to the grocery store right now to try a couple recipes. My 9 month old LOVES food and I’m excited to have some new recipes to try with her."


"This book has been such a blessing. I have been prepping and cooking my baby's meals since we introduced solids when she was 5 months. I stumbled across your HealthNut youtube channel when looking for more recipes and I have been a big fan since. I have been collecting other books to get recipes but your videos and this book have been by far the most helpful tools I have. I'm a busy momma, who is a part time physician...trying my best to be an awesome mom so time is challenging for me. Easy but nutritious recipes are incredibly challenging...this book gets me! THANK YOU! My little angel LOVES every single recipe!"

About Nikole

Hi, I’m Nikole, the face behind HealthNut Nutrition (one of Canada’s top healthy food and lifestyle YouTube channels) and bestselling author of The HealthNut Cookbook.
Most importantly, I am a new mom to my now one year old daughter, Sage. She is a rambunctious little girl who is always on the go, exploring and discovering. When she’s not bossing mom and dad around, she is sitting in her highchair enjoying every last bite on her plate. Sage LOVES food and we often joke that if we let her, she would sit there all day asking for more peas, strawberries and pancakes.