• Q: What is your background?

    A: I’m Canadian but both my parents were born in Portugal so I’m also Portuguese.

  • Q: Are you a full time YouTuber?

    A: Yes, I left my 9-5 Marketing corporate job back in January 2017 and have been working full time on HealthNut Nutrition ever since!

  • Q: What is one fun fact about you?!

    A: I’ll give you two! I can touch my nose with my tongue and I used to be a bartender in Australia. 

  • Q: Why do you call Matt "Mr.Matt"?

    A: This nickname started prior to the YouTube channel. It was just a fun nickname I started calling Matt back when we first started dating and it just stuck. I love it and I’m pretty sure he does too! Haha

  • Q: Your puppy Cashew is soo cute! Where can I see more of her?

    A: Why thank you! Mr. Matt and I are so in love with our little furry girl, Cashew and love posting and sharing her adventures on her personal Instagram account which you can follow her on here: @cashew_the_boxer 

  • Q: Is Matt’s full time job HealthNut Nutrition too?

    A: Although it is a business run by both of us Matt also works full time in Finance. When he’s not running the HealthNut Shop and HealthNut Pup, his passion lies in real estate investing and is something we both also do on the side as well. 

  • Q: What are your favourite skincare products?

    A: I have rounded up some of my favourite skincare products for you to browse and get inspired HERE

  • Q: I’d love to collaborate with you! How can I get in touch?

    A: Thank you for thinking of me! I’d love to hear what you’re working on. Please see the Work With Me page for more info on partnerships, or contact me here

Food + Eating

  • Q: Do you have a cookbook?

    A: Yes! I recently wrote my very first book, The HealthNut Cookbook which includes over 100 recipes will make your taste buds dance and prove that healthy eating does not have to be boring! The HealthNut Cookbook is a #1 Bestseller, and is available in stores and online to order! Learn more here

  • Q: What kind of diet do you follow? What is your eating philosophy?

    A: You could say I’m a Flexitarian although I don’t follow any specific label or “diet.” Instead I focus on eating wholesome nutrient-rich foods, low processed sugars/carbs, whole grains, loads of vegetables and fruit, healthy fats, fermented foods, good sources of animal protein like wild salmon, organic chicken and free-range eggs. I like to say I follow the 80/20 method, where I eat healthy 80% of the time while leaving 20% for sweets and wine. Eating intuitively without restrictions has allowed me to create a healthy and balanced relationship with food and really enjoy what I’m putting into my body.

  • Q: What supplements do you take?

    A: I look at supplements as exactly what they’re called, supplements to my regular food and not replacements. I typically will take a multivitamin, vitamin C, vitamin D, Magnesium, Iron and a probiotic. During the winter months, I also like to up my omega 3 intake and will take a flax, hemp or fish oil supplement. I also like to add collagen powder and plant-based protein powder to my morning smoothie. 

  • Q: What is a typical day of eating like for you?

    A: If you follow me on social media you’ll know that I start almost every morning off with a green smoothie! To see a typical day of eating, watch my What I Eat in A Day Videos!

  • Q: What is your number 1 favourite recipe on your blog?

    A: Gluten-Free Fluffy Pancakes hands down! If I could eat these every Sunday I would not be mad about it. 

  • Q: What do you put inside your green smoothies?

    A: Although I think variety is key when it comes to eating healthy I typically follow the same template when blending up a green smoothie. My go tos are: baby spinach, cucumber, ginger root, frozen banana, frozen mango, flaxseed, cinnamon, spirulina powder, vanilla plant-based protein powder, lots of ICE (I like my smoothies extra cold!), unsweetened oat milk and filtered water. You can also download my FREE “How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie Guide” HERE

  • Q: Can I substitute oat flour for _______ ?

    A: Every day I get questions about flour substitutions! To help you out, I created a FREE Flour 101 Guide! This guide includes flour substitutions, tips and my custom HealthNut Gluten-Free Flour Blend! Download the flour guide here.


  • Q: Where can I buy your cookbook?!

    A: The HealthNut Cookbook is available pretty much everywhere books are sold! Chapters, Amazon, Indigo, Barnes and Noble check out this page for more info and links to retailers.

  • Q: What are some of your favourite healthy cookbooks?

    A: Some of my favourite cookbooks include: The HealthNut Cookbook (duh), Joyous Health, Donna Hay, Deliciously Ella, and The First Mess. See my Amazon Book list for more of my favourite cookbooks!

  • Q: What are your favourite podcasts to listen to?

    A: The Goal Digger Podcast, The Ikonns, The Health Code, Party in my Plants, The Lively Show, The Rich Roll, The Tim Ferriss Show, Deliciously Ella, RISE podcast,  That’s So Maven, The Ultimate Health Podcast, Let it Out, The YouTube Power Hour, The Joyous Health Podcast, the list goes on but that should get you through the next year!

  • Q: Where do you get your kitchen supplies, such as bento boxes?

    A: Most of my kitchen essentials are sold on my online wellness shop, the HealthNut Shop

  • Q: What are some of your essential kitchen tools?

    A: My other favourite kitchen tools like my blender that are not sold in the HealthNut shop can be found on my Amazon Shop. Click here to check it out!

  • Q: What are some of your favourite home & lifestyle products?

    A: My favourite home and lifestyle products can be found on my Amazon Shop, which I keep up to date with current faves!

  • Q: The product I was looking for is out of stock on the HealthNut Shop. When will it be re-stocked?

     A: If the product you are looking for is out of stock, please be sure to subscribe to the HealthNut shop email list and follow us over on Instagram @shophealthnut! We will keep you up to date when popular products come back in stock, or when new products hit the shelves! Be sure to also sign up for back in stock notifications for the product you are interested in, and you’ll be automatically emailed as soon as it comes back in stock. 

  • Q: Where do I download your free printable guides and ebooks?
  • Q: What equipment do you use to film your YouTube videos and take Food Photos?

    A: The Camera & Equipment I use to film my videos:
    Main Camera
    Main Tripod
    Vlog Tripod
    Light Stands
    Hard Drive

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