Baby Proofing 101

A handy list of the things we did when it came to baby proofing our home now that our little one is on the move!

Our daughter Sage is now 10 months old and let me tell you… she is into EVERYTHING! When she first started crawling and getting on the move, I did a lot of research into the best methods of baby proofing, and I thought it would be helpful to share with you what we did. 

Bear in mind this is what suits our home. Your home might have different requirements! We actually had a company come and do all our baby proofing, which meant we could relax in the knowledge that it was all done by professionals who knew what they were doing. 

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Baby proofing outlets

Little fingers love poking little holes! These outlet protectors are great because they just slide across when you need to use them. It’s enough to stop your little ones, but still easy enough for parents to get past. I also like the fact that they leave your outlets looking the same, but with added protection.

Baby proofing corners

We added these soft corners to things like the bed and the coffee table. Honestly, the bed was more for us because we were constantly banging our legs on the hard corners – baby proofing isn’t just for the little ones you know. 😉 They’re a good idea because as your baby learns to move, and especially once they start trying to walk, they’re prone to falling over. The last thing you want is them falling into a sharp corner!

Baby proofing doors

Another place babies like to get their fingers is inside doors! To prevent Sage from getting her little fingers trapped in a closing door, we added these stoppers. Unlike door stoppers that have the little plastic ends that come off, these ones don’t, so there’s no danger of her popping an end off and swallowing it. Another gadget we got for the doors are these locks. It sits right at the top of the door where little ones can’t reach it, and stops them from being able to open doors they’re not supposed to. No sneaking out to the garden in the middle of the night for Miss Sage!

Baby proofing stairs

Of course, if you have stairs in your home you’re going to need a baby gate! This one is really easy to use. You just slide the handle across and lift it. It also comes in different colours. We got white to match our stair rail. 

Baby proofing windows

We have blinds on a lot of our windows, and they can be super dangerous because of the cords that hang down from them. To make them safer, we opted for these blind hooks. You just wrap the cord around the hooks and it stops them from hanging down at your child’s level.

Baby proofing heavy objects

Any heavy objects such as our wall mirror, bookshelves and dresser were mounted to the wall. Little ones on the move want to climb on everything. Sage is constantly using the shelves to pull herself to standing, so having them properly mounted to the wall makes sure there’s no risk of them tipping and falling on top of her. 

Baby proofing cupboards and cabinets

These magnetic key locks are amazing! Our cabinets and cupboards that we don’t want Sage getting into are locked, but then all you have to do is place the magnetic key on the outside of the door and lift it up and they open! Once again, safe for baby, but also not a total nightmare for parents! 

Baby proofing toilets

To stop inquisitive little minds from exploring the toilet, we got this handy gadget which locks the toilet lid down when it’s not in use. 

What are your top baby proofing tips? If you think I’ve missed anything, definitely let me know in the comments below! 

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