6-9 Month Baby Must Haves & Essentials

A list of my top 6-9 month baby must haves and essentials! Baby basics to add to your wishlist – from feeding essentials to toys and more! What to splurge on and what’s worth the hype as a first-time mom with a growing little!

My previous newborn must haves and essentials post and my 3-6 month baby must haves and essentials post got so much love from you guys, that I thought it would be fun to share another edition now Sage is 9 months old! Babies change so much every month, and I find these kinds of videos and blog posts super helpful for knowing what’s worth purchasing, so I hope this helps you too!

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Toys for a 6-9 Month Baby

For toys, we love getting subscription toy boxes. It totally takes the guesswork out of figuring out what are the best toys for your baby’s age, because you get developmentally appropriate toys delivered to you every few months, depending on which subscription you get. We especially love the sensory ball toy that came with one of the boxes. It’s brightly coloured so really stimulating, and is one of those toys that little ones just enjoy feeling and touching.

Here are a few other toys we’ve been loving recently…


I get so many questions about our playmat! We whipped it out as soon as she started crawling. We love it because it’s reversible, super comfy and cushioned, easy to clean and can be rolled up and stored in the corner once Sage is in bed. It was kind of on the pricier side, but I definitely feel like it will last which is good because obviously play mats get a lot of wear and tear! 

Stacking cups

These stacking cups are great because they introduce the concept of building things to your 6-9 month baby, and that things can fit inside of each other. You can also put things in them for your little one to take in and out and shake around. And, of course, babies love to knock over the towers once they’ve been built! They’re great for helping to teach cause and effect.

Teddy bear

This is a fairly new development in the last few weeks, but Sage has really been enjoying her teddy bear and stuffed animals in general. She likes stroking the fur and cuddling them, and let’s be honest, they’re really cute for photos!

Toy balls

Balls are always a great option for toys at this age. Sage likes rolling them and passing them back and forth between us, and again, they’re perfect for helping them to understand cause and effect. 

Play activity centre

Originally I wasn’t sure if we’d need one of these, but it’s been great! We were using things like the baby bouncers but once Sage was more on the move she just wanted to get out of it. This activity centre is much more entertaining for her and she can be more upright, which she definitely prefers. We’ll pop her in it for half an hour in the mornings and it just allows us to do things like sort breakfast while she’s entertained. 

Feeding Supplies for a 6-9 Month Baby

For a full list of supplies we’ve been using since starting Sage on solid foods, check out my Baby Food Resources I’ve Been Loving post. These are the items we’ve been really reaching for right now. A top tip is to get doubles of these things so that you can have something in the wash and still have spares.

Baby Mum Mums

These are little baby biscuits and Sage absolutely loves them! They’re perfect for right now because she’s teething, and they are an instant soother for her when her gums are bothering her. And they’re organic, which is always a plus when you’re looking for ‘convenience’ foods for your little one as opposed to making your own baby food.

High chair

Another item I get a lot of questions about is her high chair. It’s a bit of a pricier one (we were actually gifted it by our grandparents), but we absolutely love it and definitely think it’s worth the investment, especially since she spends so much time in it. This high chair is very ergonomic and is built so that baby’s alignment and posture is correct. It’s also super easy to clean and folds up pretty compact so that you can store it away when you want to.

Silicone feeders


You can pop frozen fruit or regular fresh fruit into these silicone feeders and it’s soft so it’s perfect for them to chew on. These have been especially helpful while she’s been teething. I can put something cold in there and it’s soothing for her gums.

Silicone freezer moulds

These silicone freezer moulds are great for storing your baby food (perfect for baby meal prep!) They can go in the freezer and you can pop one out to thaw when you’re ready to use it. On top of that they can also be used with an instant cooker to make egg bites!

Bowls, cutlery and bibs

These silicone place mat bowls are great because they stick to your high chair, so you don’t need to worry about plates getting picked up and thrown across the room by mischievous hands! For cutlery, we love these little forks and spoons because even from 6 months old Sage was able to feed herself with them, and this little cup is easy for her to use by herself too. Bibs are also a must have of course, and these silicone bibs are great because they’re easy to clean and have a lip to catch any dropped food.

Sleep Time for a 6-9 Month Baby

If you’re interested in seeing how we’ve approached sleep with baby Sage, be sure to check out my Baby Sleep Schedule post. Here are some of the items we’ve been loving for bedtime!

Travel pack and play

This travel pack and play is great for when we’re out and about. If we’re at a friend’s house and we want her to take a nap, we can put her down in it and know that she’s safe. It was also pretty affordable compared to a lot of pack and plays I’ve seen.

Sleep sacks

We’re still loving these sleep sacks. We have two so that while one is in the wash we’ve got a spare to use. Every time Sage goes down for a nap or for bed we put her into her sleep sack. Not only does it keep her safely cozy while she sleeps, it also signals to her that it’s sleep time.


We read to Sage before every nap and bedtime! I think it’s important to choose books that you enjoy reading as well as your little ones. Some of the book we’ve been loving are The Pout Pout Fish series (the most recent favourite is the Far, Far From Home book), I Like Myself and I Can Spot Shapes.

Other Things We’re Loving

Teething medicine

Sage is now coming up to 10 months old, and we have yet to use something like Tylenol because this homeopathic teething medicine works so well! I know some people don’t believe homeopathic medicine works, but honestly every time I give her one of these she instantly calms down. They’re sugar free, dye free and preservative free, so you can feel good giving it to your baby.


We have two strollers because when we were planning our family trip to Florida we didn’t want to bring our big bulky stroller. We ended up getting the Baby Zen Stroller, which is the most amazing stroller ever for travelling with little ones. It compacts down so small you can literally hold it like a shoulder bag. It’s super lightweight! Then for our everyday stroller for bigger walking trips to places like amusement parks, we use our Bugaboo Fox 2. It has a great canopy that shades your little ones in the sun.


What are your 6-9 month baby essentials? Let me know in the comments below! 

If you want to see more of the products I use for Sage, check out my 3-6 Month Baby Must Haves & Essentials

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  1. “This comprehensive guide outlining the must-haves and essentials for babies aged 6 to 9 months is a lifesaver for parents entering this exciting developmental stage. As babies continue to grow and explore, their needs evolve, and having a curated list like this can provide

  2. I love this blog and all of the corresponding videos!

    I have a 7 month old and have been using the gunamuna sleep sacks ever since I saw your buybuy baby haul! I have 2 just in case one has to go in the wash.

    Now I realize I should’ve been doing the same with the EZ oz cups and tray. So smart to have a set for each meal because yes, it is a full time job to feed baby that cleaning up is another job in itself!! So smart, going to have to purchase!