What I Eat In A Day (And What My 9 Month Old Eats)

Nutrient dense, healthy and fresh meals to enjoy for both yourself, and your little ones! What I eat in a day to keep me and my 9 month old fuelled and healthy for our busy days!

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I am so excited to share another What I Eat In A Day. You guys seemed to really enjoy seeing not only what I eat, but also what my daughter Sage eats, so I’m sharing another one! At 9 (almost 10) months old she’s now eating a much wider variety of meals, and I’m really enjoying introducing her to new foods. I think that you are going to love these recipes and meal inspiration as well!

If you’re looking to start introducing solids to your little one, I highly recommend the Healthy Happy Eaters course (use discount code SAGEEATS for 15% off). It helped us so much with everything there is to know about feeding your baby.

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I’m not going to lie, things haven’t changed that much since pre-parenthood. I still try to squeeze in two breakfasts each morning! Of course, I begin my day with my herbal coffee which I enjoy with frothed oat milk, collagen, cinnamon and a few drops of liquid stevia. For my breakfast I made a simple yogurt and granola bowl using this plant-based mango yogurt. It’s the most delicious thing ever (for me too, not just Sage!) and is great because it has probiotics and some healthy fats in there, with no salt. I topped it with my simple homemade granola. For breakfast number two, I mixed up one of my signature green smoothies!

We’ve been switching Sage’s breakfasts up lately. She’d usually have oatmeal, but I think she’s starting to get sick of it. Today Mr. Matt heated up some pancakes for her, along with some blueberries and some of that same plant-based mango yogurt.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love my snacks! Some favourites I’ve been enjoying recently include dried banana chips, mixed nuts, gouda Babybells and these protein bars – all super easy to grab and go, but a yummy mix of dairy, healthy fats and fruit. I also opted for a classic – apple dipped in peanut butter! Of course I also had Sage’s leftovers because #momlife! Sage had some frozen mango in one of these silicone feeders – great for teething!


I had my snacks pretty late, so I served up Sage’s lunch first. We tried something new with her today – chickpea pasta that hadn’t been blended up! I like this brand of pasta because the noodles are smaller and easier for her to grab. She had the pasta with a bolognaise I made a couple of days ago. It was basically a mixture of beef, lentils and tomato. We also had some peaches left over from the farmers market, so I chopped those up and served them alongside the pasta.

For our lunch we opted for leftovers, which is something I do pretty regularly both for ease and so we can use up all our food! I had potato salad with shredded cedar plank salmon. 


Sage had scrambled eggs for dinner, seasoned with a little garlic powder. We’re gradually introducing spices to Sage so she can used to different flavours – just be sure you’re not adding anything too salty or spicy! For some greens and iron, we served it up with broccoli sauteed in ghee. I also added some avocado on the side. This crinkle cutter gadget is great for baby food because you can chop things like avocado up so that it’s easier for small fingers to hold. We always add a little fruit to Sage’s dinner, and today we opted for apple. When it comes to hard fruits like apples, grating them is a great way to serve them to your little ones.

Pro tip: If you don’t use the whole avocado, use one of these avocado huggers to keep the remaining half fresh in the fridge!

Dinner for us was tofu with egg fried rice, peas, sweetcorn and a little salt and pepper. To give it an extra boost of flavour I mixed in some tamari soy sauce. It was super delicious and filling, but also really quick and easy – my favourite combo!


There you have it – What I Eat In A Day, with an added What My 9 Month Old Eats In A Day! I hope that this helps to give you some inspiration and meal ideas. You can also check out what we ate when Sage was 7 months old right here.

What do you feed your baby during the day? I’d love to know, as I’m always searching for new food ideas for Sage.

For more baby food ideas, check out my 6-8 month old meal plan and my Baby Food Resources I’ve Been Loving.

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