One Year Old Evening Routine

Take a look at our one year old evening routine, and what bedtime looks like for us now that our daughter is one year old.

Let me tell you… one year old is a super fun age, but it’s also a crazy one! I was considering documenting our evening routine another night, when Sage was a little calmer, but you know what? We keep it real here on HealthNut, and when you’ve got a one year old you’ve kind of just got to get on board with the craziness!

We’re in a good spot right now with our night time routine. We have certain things we do in the evenings to help us all wind down and get ready for a restful night’s sleep. And let’s face it, when you’re a parent, that’s all you want!

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Our one year old evening routine

Here’s a little overview of what our night time routine with Sage looks like…

  • 5pm – Start prepping dinner
  • 5.30pm – Sage eats dinner
  • 6pm – Family walk
  • 6.30pm – Get Sage ready for bed and evening skincare routine
  • 7pm – Eat our dinner
  • 8pm – Netflix and chill time
  • 10pm – try and make it to bed early to watch a little YouTube or read a book


Now let’s break this night time routine down…


The first step of our routine is to start prepping dinner. I know it seems really early, but honestly the earlier the better. Sage eats dinner quite early. I also find that if we can have dinner ready before we start winding her down, we can actually enjoy dinner once she’s in bed without her fussing and trying to crawl away! I like to opt for dinners I can cook in the oven. That way I can set a timer and get on with the rest of my day, rather than having to watch both the stove and Sage. While I’m cooking dinner I’ll pop Sage in her high chair and let her play with whatever will keep her entertained for a few precious minutes – today it was parchment paper!


Sage eats dinner about 4.30pm, and often it will be whatever we’re going to have just minus any extra salt. Our girl is honestly happiest when there’s food. She’s such an amazing eater, which I’m so thankful for! If you want to see more about our baby food journey, check out my baby’s first foods post and my baby food resources I’ve been loving post.


We like to get outside after dinner, so we’ll take our dog Cashew for a walk. It’s great for all of us to breathe in some fresh air and get some exercise, and is actually a great way to ward off any late afternoon fussiness from Sage!


When we get back from our walk Mr. Matt will feed Cashew and start winding Sage down. He’ll brush her teeth, get her into her sleep sack and read her a bedtime story. We don’t do a bath every night, just when she needs it. I then use this opportunity to sneak away and get some me-time in with a shower and my evening skincare routine. I find if I do it before I get super tired, I’ll actually do all of the steps, so I like to get it done early. Here are the products I’m loving right now…

  • In the shower, I love using this salt scrub.
  • I use this cleanser to wash off all my makeup and dirt from the day.
  • Once I’m out of the shower, I then spritz my face with this rose water toner.
  • I’ll give my lips a good exfoliation with my lip polish from BeautyNut Skincare.
  • Next I’ll dab some eye cream under my eyes.
  • Then I’ll apply some of this anti-aging serum, layered under this moisturising cream.
  • Finally, (my favourite part!) I’ll apply this oil all over my body.

Use code “NIKOLE10OFF” for 10% off Osea products!


Now that Sage is in bed and I’m all washed and refreshed, we get to enjoy our dinner in relative peace and quiet! After dinner we like to chill in the living room together and usually watch a show.


I usually come into the bedroom a little earlier than Matt. I like to do a couple of things before bed to wind down. This includes making a cup of chamomile tea, diffusing some relaxing essential oils to set the mood, and laying on my acupressure mat (Use code: BON15NIKOLE for 15% off your order!) I started using this mat during pregnancy and I have not stopped! I just feel like all the stress, tension, worry and anxiety melts away (quite literally) when I lay on it, not to mention it helps get me nice and sleepy (I do not leave home without it). While I relax I usually watch a show on my laptop, or I’ve been really enjoying baking videos on YouTube lately. I know it’s not the best to watch screens right before bed so I have just ordered a fiction book, and I’m looking forward to getting back into reading before bed.

My bedside table essentials

There are a few essentials I like to keep handy on my bedside table for during the night, so that I can get the best sleep possible. They are…


So that’s it, our one year old evening routine! It’s crazy how much routines change according to your baby’s age, so if you enjoyed this I’ll definitely log our routines as she gets older too!

What’s your night time routine like? Leave a comment below, because everyone is different and I’d love to hear!

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