9 Month Old Morning Routine

Take a look at our 9 month old morning routine, and what the morning looks like for us now that baby Sage is 9 months old.

a 9 month old baby stood in her crib

9 months old is such a fun age. Sage is so happy and playful in the mornings, although I do admit it was a little easier when I could bring her into my bed in the morning and she’d fall back to sleep! She’s now at the age where she gets up at 6am and wants to actually BE up, so it’s definitely been an adjustment. I’m now one of those people who is so ready to go to bed by 9pm!

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Our 9 month old morning routine

Here’s a little overview of what our morning routine with Sage looks like…

6am – Wake up (Daddy changes diaper)

6:15am – Mommy breastfeeds in bed + cuddles

6:45am – Play time

7:30am – Breakfast (typically oatmeal with fresh fruit)

7:45am – Make the bed and freshen up

8am – Morning family walk

9:30am – First nap time  (mom and dad workout)

10am – Green smoothie, shower and get ready for the day.

10:30am – Start work

a mother and baby laying on the bed

Now let’s break this morning routine down…

6am – Wake up (daddy changes diaper)

There was a time (a magical time) when I could bring Sage into my bed, feed her and she’d fall back to sleep. Those days are gone! She’s super alert first thing in the morning, but I don’t mind because it’s also the best time with her. She’s always in such a good mood at this time of day.

7.30am – Breakfast (typically oatmeal with fresh fruit)

After a little play time in bed, we get up and head into the living room. Sage will play in her play activity center and watch a little TV (either Cocomelon, Boss Baby or The Wiggles) while Dad prepares breakfast. If you’re interested in the recipe we use for Sage’s oatmeal, it’s in my free baby meal prep download below! Usually Matt feeds her breakfast while I meditate, but when he needs to get work done or head to the gym early we’ll switch it up. I also take this time to brew my herbal coffee and, not going to lie, I usually eat some of Sage’s leftovers!

7.45am – Make the bed and freshen up.

Here are the natural skincare products I’ve been loving right now:

I like to put on something comfortable for our walk, so today I opted for these shorts, a sports bra and this tank (similar).

8am – Morning family walk

Once we’re all dressed we like to head out nice and early for a morning walk with our dog Cashew. The fresh air and exercise really helps to wake us all up! I also like to get some stretching done while we’re out instead of going on my phone like I used to. 

9:30am – First nap time (mom and dad workout)

When we get home from our walk I’ll grab a quick snack (which Sage usually wants to taste!) before I read to Sage and put her down for her nap. I find keeping to the whole ‘bedtime routine’ really works for her naps, so we put her in her sleeping bag and put on her white noise machine just like we would at night time. Then while she’s napping I like to get a workout in. If you’re interested in seeing more about Sage’s sleep schedule, you can take a look at her 0-6 month sleep schedule right here.

10am – Green smoothie, shower and get ready for the day.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know I love my green smoothies, especially after a workout. Then, while Sage is still napping, I take the opportunity to get in a shower and do my 5 Minute Mommy Makeup Routine

10:30am – Start work.

The time I start work kind of varies. I’m trying to give myself grace and not feel like I have to work a full 8 hours. We like to start our days slow and make sure Sage and Cashew are really taken care of before I start focusing on work. Being a mama is hard, being an entrepreneur is hard, so I need to make sure I’m working smarter, not harder!

So that’s it, our 9 month old morning routine! It’s crazy how much routines change according to your baby’s age, so if you enjoyed this I’ll definitely log our routines as she gets older too!

What’s your morning routine like? Leave a comment below, because everyone is different and I’d love to hear!

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