Top 5 Teething Tips

5 teething tips I’ve picked up since my daughter Sage started cutting her baby teeth. From homeopathic remedies to silicone fruit pops, here’s what we’ve been doing to ease her discomfort.

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Sage is now a year old (holy cow, when did that happen?!) and she’s been teething big time! She currently has her top two teeth, and two bottom ones as well. She hates when we touch her gums but I can’t help to sneak a peek, haha! I think it’s pretty universal that babies get super grumpy and cranky when they’re cutting their teeth, so I thought it would be worth sharing a few of my top teething tips that have really helped us over the past couple of months. 

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When do babies start teething?

Honestly? It seems never-ending. From 9 months old, it’s been a very up and down battle, and I think that’s actually quite late compared to some babies. Sometimes Sage will be super grumpy and her teeth and gums will be really hurting her. Other days she seems to have gotten past the worst of it, and then BAM! It hits hard again. I guess it will be this way until all of her teeth are through (sigh!). 

Pain relief for teething babies

We haven’t actually had to use Tylenol for her yet, which I’m pretty happy about. Of course I’d give it to her if I felt like she really needed it, but just like with myself I’ve been leaning on natural remedies and they seem to be working! Here’s what we’ve been loving…

We’ve had teethers in the house since a very early age, so she got used to them pretty quickly. 

Sleep during teething

She definitely had a bit of a sleep regression, and we’ve had to adjust her nap schedule a little bit, although I’m not convinced it was because of her teething. I think it might have been more to do with her developmental leaps. For the most part she’s been fine. We might have a period of 48 hours or so where a tooth is actually cutting through where she’ll not sleep as well, but lots of cuddles on the couch and breastfeeding seem to be the key! 

Amber teething necklaces

I know there are some concerns around amber teething necklaces and whether or not they’re safe for babies to wear. We only put it on Sage when she’s suffering with her teeth, and I always make sure she’s supervised. She doesn’t take naps wearing it or anything like that. Also, if you’re nervous, be sure to get a high quality necklace that’s been tied and woven properly so it won’t come undone.

Breastfeeding a teething baby

Luckily, I haven’t really had any issues with biting! It hasn’t affected breastfeeding at all. I don’t even notice that she’s got teeth. If she ever is going to chomp on me a bit, there’s usually a sign. She’ll make eye contact with me and kind of turn her head (sounds menacing, I know!) which gives me enough time to ease her off. 


So that’s it! As with all rough periods of parenting, remember it’s all temporary. Teething will be over eventually. I hope these tips help while you and your little one are in this phase.

Do you have any top teething tips? Leave them in the comments below to help out other moms and moms-to-be!

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