Coconut Tropical Smoothie

Hey Healthnut’s!

Hope your having an amazing day:) Today I decided to head outside for my workout and went to a park to complete SaraFit’s 100 Butt Lift Ladder workout! It was a fun workout to do and if you guys want to try it out I’ve attached the workout below. I’m not going to lie by the end my legs were a little shaky walking haha!

Afterwards I decided to blend up some tropical goodness and make a smoothie with coconut and lots of yummy sweat fruit! I used some “smoothie cubes” which I picked up from the grocery store. Their pretty much just a frozen smoothie cube of fruits… in this case it had pinneapple, mango, banana and passionfuit. I added a whole coconut (water and meat) , some frozen rassberries and blended away.





There was one problem.. leftovers!


So I made my own smoothie cubes with these silicon shaped ice cube trays.



Just pop into the freezer and presto! You have super cheap homemade smoothie cubes for when your in a hurry or need a quick shake. Just add water and protein powder or fresh greens and blend:)

What’s your favourite smoothie combination? Let me know in the comments below!

Your Healthnut<3

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