How to Create a Montessori Playroom For a 2 Year Old

Welcome to our two-year-old daughter’s Playroom. So many of you have asked for a playroom tour, and I’m excited to share it with you finally!  My goal for this space was to create a calm, inviting, and creative space for her to play and learn. I specifically designed the playroom for her size, so everything is placed in areas that are easy for her to reach and at eye level for a toddler.

A woman with brown hair sitting with her hands sideways in the air, in the middle of a toddler's playroom.


No matter how old your child is, storage is a must for every playroom! I love this bin storage toy organizer from IKEA with six plastic bins that easily slide out and can be moved around the room. I like keeping the toys organized by toy (Mega Blocks, puzzles, etc., all have their own drawer). These bins also make great sensory bins; since they are waterproof, you can even take them outside and fill them with water. We even have a drawer for diapers because lots of diaper changes happen in this area. It’s nice to have the diapers and wipes tucked away and out of sight but also at arms reach when needed.

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Our daughter uses the top of this shelf as a play area, she has her barn she got for Christmas sitting on the top, ready to access and play with. The height of this shelf is perfect for her size, which works perfectly if she wants to play standing up.

A teal toy barn toy sitting on top of a white IKEA shelf with plastic bins
A green chalkboard hanging on the wall at a toddler's level.

To the right of the shelf, I have a green chalkboard hanging on the wall. I had a friend cut an IKEA wall shelf into a smaller size and was able to use this DIY as a small chalk holder. Honestly, there are so many fun IKEA hacks you can find on the internet.

Table and Chair Set

This is my favourite piece in Sage’s playroom because we use it so much! This table is not just a table and chair set. This table is a Montessori-inspired table and chair set, but it’s also functional in so many ways and grows with your child. Because children grow so fast, It can become very expensive when buying good-quality wood furniture as your child grows. I love buying furniture that is adaptable and will grow with them and that we can use for many years. 

A picture of a bench, table and chair that are all the colour white.
A white and wood toddler table and chairs.

The chairs have two different heights, and as your child transitions from their crib to their beds, the chairs turn into nightstands. Parents and older children can also turn them over to use them as stools (without having to worry about breaking them!). The table is not only a table… it can be used as a bench (two different levels) or even a desk. (I love all the different options). We use this table so much. Sage eats here, reads, paints, colours and it all wipes off so easily! Such amazing quality and I can’t recommend this table and chair set enough. It’s the focal point of our playroom and a place we naturally gravitate towards.


Let’s talk carpets. You’ll want one for your playroom because your children will be on their hands and knees, and a soft surface is a must (it will save your knees as well). Fun fact, I don’t love this carpet. It sheds like crazy! I think the shedding has finally stopped, but I’ve learned that it also stains really easily or maybe it’s just because we have a cream carpet in a high-traffic area. I wanted to share this carpet with you and give you my honest opinion. It is cute with the hexagons, and I love the texture, but I’m not fully convinced this carpet is the best for this space. Let me know below if you have a favourite playroom carpet.

Kids Kitchen Set

You know I had to get Sage her own kitchen! This kitchen is by CoCoVillage; I got it for about 60% off. Definitely keep an eye out for sales because when they mark things down, they mark them down really good! I love this colour, and I think it is called Sage green, so naturally, I had to get it(I took the colour as a sign and added it to my cart immediately!)

An image of a toy teal kitchen

I’ve been researching on the internet about how to make this a functional kitchen with running water. I want to keep her interested in this play kitchen as long as possible, and I think adding different functions will do just that. Let me know in the comments if you’ve created a functional kitchen before or if you’d be interested in a blog post about how I make mine.

A teal toy kitchen with natural wood.
A piccalio triangle sitting in the middle of a room

Right beside her kitchen, we have a hook with her kitchen aprons and hat! Sage loves wearing these when she’s cooking or baking with me. Often times she likes to layer them up and wear them all at the same time.

Triangle Pickler Climber Set

Toddlers love to climb, and our daughter is no exception! We have a Piccalio triangle set. When she’s in the mood to climb, we clear out a space and set up a little obstacle and playground station. This is a great safe space where she can climb and get that extra energy out of her system. Having this setup during the winter has been great! If we can’t get outside because of bad weather, we can set up the Piccalio triangle to create a little play area and allow Sage to get some extra wiggles out. 

In addition, we have a Surfer Balance Board, which is a toddler staple and such a fun toy for creative, imaginative play. Great to relax, read, slide, stretch, and practice balancing standing up.

We have additional toy storage on the other side of the playroom, directly across from the play kitchen. We love our Lovevery Montessori Playshelf, we also love their toy subscription boxes; a lot of the toys in this playroom are from Lovevery. The Lovevery toys are specifically designed for your child’s developmental stage. We love these toys and highly recommend them!

An image of a shelf and climbing triangle up against a white wall.
The Lovevery shelf with the secret back-storage space opened by a hand to the right of the image.

The Lovevery Montessori Playshelf made out of solid 100% birchwood, is great because it has hidden back storage so that you can do a toy rotation. This will allow your child not to feel overwhelmed by too many toys and also allow you not to have to buy new toys all the time. I also store her art supplies in the back of the shelf because sometimes I’m just not feeling like cleaning up markers/paint, and I need a safe space to store these items (away from little hands).

I like to display her toys with a more minimalist look so she can see everything and is more likely to play with them. When she gets bored with the toys, we know it’s time to start rotating them. Definitely, make sure to check out this play shelf and The Lovevery subscription boxes, which are filled with staged-based toys for your child’s developing brain. I cannot recommend them enough!

A toy shelf displayed with colourful toys
A tan rope basket filled with plush toys.
A wood framed print with neutral coloured letters.

Last but not least, I recently purchased this alphabet print from Esty! I’ve started to incorporate letters, numbers, and colours into her space more. I’ve been trying to slowly introduce new things to help prep her for school and to help her continue learning new things.

There you have it, Sage’s 2-year-old Montessori-inspired playroom tour! What’s your favourite thing about this playroom? If you think I’m missing anything, let me know in the comments below. I hope this tour gives you a little inspiration for your own child’s play area. Be sure to share a photo of your playroom with me on social media and tag me @healthnutnutrition so that I can see your fun spaces!

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  1. Hey there, random question but how were you able to get the Lovevery play shelf here in Canada? I’ve been told they don’t ship it to Canada. Love your playroom for Sage!