Minimal Boho House Tour

Come on in! I’m so excited to bring you my full boho house tour, showing you everything from my obsession with plants to the key furniture pieces that I’ve invested in.

So many of you have asked to see a full house tour, and I’m so excited to finally share it with you! My style is clean and minimal, but also fused with my love of all things nature inspired! Here I’m listing links for everything (or the closest matches I could find!) so that you can shop my home.

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Bench / Mirror / Corner Plant (similar) / Burlap Rug / Macrame Hanging Plant

As soon as you walk through the front door you’re met with the entryway and stairs. I love the high ceilings. It really helps make the space feel airy and open, even though it’s actually quite small. Because of its size I like to keep it simple and minimalist, which not only helps keep it from looking cluttered but also makes it easier to clean. At the top of the stairs, our sideboard doubles as a junk drawer but it’s all hidden in baskets. That’s definitely a top tip of mine! Baskets do wonders for hiding the messy stuff! And, if you can’t already tell, I’m totally a crazy plant lady. I know real plants can intimidate some people but trust me – if I can keep them alive, anyone can! I love bringing nature indoors in my home. I find it helps create that feeling of zen I’m looking for.

Living Room

L-shaped Couch / Green Cushion (similar) / Cream Cushion (similar) / Throw (similar) / Bookshelves / Macrame Hanging Plant / Shaggy Rug / Dog Toy Box / Fireplace

Once you head up the stairs you come to this huge open space which combines the living room, dining room and kitchen. This is actually what sold me on the house. I love to entertain (at least I do normally when there’s not a pandemic!) and it’s great that I can be in the kitchen and still see everyone in the living room. It’s especially helpful now that I’m a mom because I can keep an eye on Sage while I’m cooking.

The vibe I went with for the living room was warm, cosy and chill. L couches are my favourite kind of couches – they’re great for kicking back and lounging. A lot of the furniture I have is hand-me-downs, including our gorgeous wood coffee table. I’m not going to lie, we often sit on the floor and eat at the coffee table! The fireplace adds that extra warmth, and we recently added bookcases either side. Originally I wanted built-ins, but since this isn’t our forever home the bookcases are great for now. I also can’t talk about the living room without mentioning our dog Cashew’s nook. She loves lounging on the ottoman and the pillow that grandma made. 

Dining Room

Dining Table / Chairs / Runner / Gallery Wall Frames / Console Table (similar) / Wine Rack / Bar Set / Cake Stand (similar) / Highchair / Dry Goods Jars (Small) (Extra Small) / Sage Artwork

The feature of the dining room is definitely our farmhouse dining table. It goes perfectly with the light which luckily came with the house! I love that it’s got the bench on one side and chairs on the other side. It’s great for fitting more people around the table. I often work in the dining room, so I like having a multi-functional space that brings me joy. 

We recently did this DIY gallery wall which includes a ton of family photos. It just makes me happy every time I look at it and gives me all of the good vibes. I’m definitely trying to bring more photos into the home instead of having everything digital. The console table (this one is similar) is a nice neutral piece that we’ll be able to take with us to future homes. I didn’t want to always buy from IKEA. As much as I love it, I really wanted to purchase some investment pieces that would last, and honestly I think this console table kind of doubles up as a piece of art. I also have side tables to match in bedroom, which adds a nice flow to the house. The bookshelves are hand me downs that we recycled and painted to make an open pantry – stylish yet totally practical! And perhaps my favourite part of the dining room is our sage leaf painting. I actually got it way before my daughter Sage was even a thought in my head, so I love that little coincidence!


Fruit Bowl (similar) / Steriliser / Blender / Standing Mixer / Cookbook Holder / Cookbook / Trash Bin

The kitchen is basically my second office (or maybe it’s actually my first office – I spend a lot of time in the kitchen!) We renovated the kitchen by switching out the countertops and the sink, which you can watch right here. I especially love the counters. They’re great for photos, and we extended it out to make a bar. I love how open everything is!


Wooden Letter Board / Basket (similar)

Our bathroom is small but cute, and we were super lucky when we moved in because it was already renovated to my exact tastes! I love the white subway tiles and the industrial vibes like the shelf, little side mirror and toilet paper stand which were already in the house. Our main mirror is actually a medicine cabinet and it has a ton of storage. I like to keep the bathroom simple because it’s used by guests, so I don’t want a bunch of our personal products scattered around everywhere. The floating vanity not only looks great but is easy to clean, and the flooring is always a bit of a conversation piece – it’s actually wood tiles!


Name Plaque / Wallpaper / Name on Wall (Get 30% off with code NIKOLE30) / Bear Hamper / Storage Cart / Crib / Blackout Curtains / Carpet / Dresser / Changing Mat / Hanging Shelves

I have a full blog post right here where I talk about all the little details in our nursery, but I’ll give a brief overview here too. It’s a pretty small room – it actually barely fits a bed, but it works great for our needs. I went for boho floral vibes with soft colours, girly but not overly girly. The bookshelves provide a lot of storage, and my Uncle came to do a custom closet for us. A lot of the items in this room came from Etsy and local crafters, which I just love!


Desk (similar) / Trestle Legs / Desk Drawers / Chair / Lampshade / Pin Board / Rug / Shelving / White Bins / Acrylic Shelves

Again, this is a room I have a full blog post on so be sure to check that out for all the extra little details. When renovating this room I really wanted a space to inspire me, since it’s where I do the bulk of my work. I included tons of greenery (I told you, crazy plant lady!) The shelves are great because they’re floating and easy to clean, and I added drawers and bins for extra storage. I also added some acrylic shelves to display my BeautyNut Skincare products. The door wasn’t actually there when we first moved in and we always had to take Cashew round the front to pee, so I love that we now have easy access to the garden. 

Master Bedroom

Bed / Dresser / Bedding Set / Drapes / Tie Backs (similar) / Lamps (similar) / Jewellery Stand / Faux Flowers (similar) / Diffuser / Oil Cabinet / Standing Mirror (similar) / Salt Lamp (similar)

I really wanted to invest in a grown-up master bed, and I’m so glad I did. My other half Matt originally wasn’t too pleased with the price, but now he loves it so much he likes to act like he picked it out! All the furniture in this room is reclaimed wood, giving it a real earthy and neutral feel. Even if I change up the bedding or the style of the room it still matches, as does the shiplap feature wall which my Uncle installed and we painted white. It makes a beautiful backdrop for our bed! This is basically my room. Matt has his little corner, but it’s definitely my oasis. I even have a little zen corner with my acupressure mat, yoga mat, meditation pillow. It’s the perfect place to shut the door to the world and just relax.


Egg Chair / BBQ / L Couch / Umbrella 

Finally, our little backyard oasis. We built the deck last summer with our family, and it means we can utilise the garden so much more. We’ve been BBQing a ton this season and growing our own herb garden. It’s so nice to be able to harvest from our own garden! Most of the items in our garden came from an end of season sale. 


So there you have it – my full house tour. What’s your favourite room? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re interested in seeing more home decorating videos, check out my Nursery Tour and Office Renovation.

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  1. Your home is just beautiful. I particularly love the boho influences as that’s my favorite style, however, I don’t consider your home minimalist at all. You have so many beautiful things it would be hard to scale them down to go minimal I think x