The Ultimate Kids Gift Guide

Today I’m sharing The Ultimate Baby and Kids Gift Guide! I have put a lot of thought into carefully selecting these items I already use in my everyday life.  These gift ideas are perfect for a wide range of children.

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I LOVE this time of year! December is here, meaning Christmas is only a few weeks away! This will be Sage’s 3rd Christmas, even though she’s only two! This is our first Christmas in our home; last year, we weren’t in Canada but in Florida. We are excited to be in our new home and Canada this year.

Gift 1 A picture of personalized pacifier clips.

Gift 2 Jelly Cat Stuffies

Gift 3 image of Kite Pajamas


Gift 4 is non toxic bath toy.

Gift 5 is an image of a Learn to Crawl toy that look like a beet

Gift 6 is an image of a cool mist humidifier in the shape of a cloud

Gift 7 is stacking cups that are multiple colors

Gift 8 The Baby HealthNut Cookbook. This is an image of the cover of the ebook

Gift 9 is a Happ Levy Backpack in the color blue.

Gift number 10 is an image of a toy vacuum

Gift 11 is a reusable sticker book

Gift 12 is a puzzle using three letter words

Gift 13 is child safe kitchen knives

Gift 14 is a min chief outfit in the color peach

Gift 15 is a teal wood barn play set.

Gift 16 is a red wood play barn

Gift 17 is an art easel

Gift 18 is a quiet actvity bookGift 19 is a purple remote control car with a bunny driving

Gift 20 is a black stroller organizer

Gift 21 is cream cover bags with gold zippers used to organize bags and diaper bags

Gift 22 is clear measuring cups great to visual portion sizes

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  1. Hi Nicole, I keep trying to click on the link for the cloth activity book and it keeps directing me to the Amazon link for the remote control car. Could you send me the website please!