Non-Toxic Morning Skincare Routine

An overview of my morning skincare routine. These are my go-to products that are non-toxic and that I feel confident wearing.

woman showing off her non toxic morning skincare routine

My skin is by no means perfect, but it’s improved so much since I’ve started switching over to non-toxic products. I actually get asked what I use to make my skin so glowy these days, which is definitely nice to hear! It can take a while to find products that still work just as well as conventional brands, but these products have been my favourites for a while now.

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I know a lot of people focus on makeup and covering up those imperfections, and I definitely do wear makeup too, but I really like to make sure my skin is as good as it can be so that I don’t need to wear a ton of it. If I can make my skin glow without a bunch of different makeup products, I’m happy! Take a look at my holy grail products below…

Rosewater Toner

I use this rosewater toner every single day, and I love it. Just spritz it over your face for refreshing hydration that leaves your skin dewy and fresh. Not only does it feel amazing, it also combats redness and balances the pH of your skin. 

Pro tip: This also works great as an all natural setting spray.

Vitamin C

This vitamin C oil with hyaluronic acid is great for reducing discolouration and blemishes. It sits really nicely under your moisturiser and makeup. I just apply it with my fingers, patting it in, and it melts right into the skin. 

Eye Cream

I love using eye cream, and have used this one for years. I feel like it’s really helped reduce my dark circles, which tend to be extra obvious because I have olive toned skin. This eye cream really helps to moisturise and brighten the under eye area. I use it religiously every morning and night, patting it super gently with my fingers. I also like taking it above my eyebrow and anywhere else where else that is prone to fine lines.


I don’t apply this bio active peptide serum every day, but when I need that extra bit of moisture in the summer (and even in the winter), it does wonders. As I get older I’m really enjoying adding and locking in hydration. I’m not in my 20s anymore! Peptides really help to bring your skin to life, and encourages the production of collagen, which I’m all about.


I use a couple of different moisturizers, but this is one of my favourites. It has floral antioxidants, orange blossom water, jojoba, rosehip, red raspberry seed and just generally amazing ingredients. Luminance just knows what they’re doing when it comes to skincare! I’ve been using their products for at least seven years. 

For all Luminance Skincare products, use NIKOLE15 for 15% OFF!


This tinted sunscreen is awesome because it has a mousse texture to it. It’s super matifying and serves as a great primer under makeup. 

Lip Butter

Of course, we can’t forget about the lips! This lip butter from BeautyNut Skincare contains mango butter and sea buckthorn, as well as blood orange essential oil, and is perfect for keeping your lips hydrated. I also love that it’s jumbo sized so it lasts forever and won’t get lost in the depths of your purse! Call me biased, but this is seriously the best lip butter you’ll ever use… there’s a reason it’s a best seller!

Natural Deodorant

Another favourite from BeautyNut Skincare, this natural deodorant is super buttery and lasts all day long. It’s so easy to apply and isn’t at all greasy. If you’re considering switching over to a natural deodorant, check out my blog post with top tips on making the transition without worrying about BO!

How much do you know about natural skincare? Take the quiz below:

What are your skincare routine favourites? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. A very helpful post about a Non-Toxic Morning Skincare Routine. I’ve read the content that has very helpful tips for someone searching for a Skincare Routine. Thank You for publishing such content. Keep up the good work.

  2. You have such gorgeous complexion Nikole. You look so beautiful without makeup.
    I have very sensitive and dry skin. It gets very red around my nose and chin area. Are the products that you have suggested good for very sensitive skin? I also have bags under my eyes. I am 65 years old.