7 Healthy Morning Habits

My 7 Healthy Morning Habits that help me feel energized, grounded, and ready to take on whatever the day has in store!

Since I work from home, I have realized that it is very important to have a consistent routine in the morning. Rather than just waking up and immediately starting on emails and work, I like to take some time to nourish myself from the inside out! I find that I am much more productive throughout the day when I take some time to myself in the morning. So even if it means waking up a little earlier, it’s worth it! 

When I Wake Up

I know that not everyone works from home as I do. That being said, I think you can still have a morning routine even if it’s a shortened version of this! I often get asked what time I wake up at. Reading this, it might seem like I have the most leisurely mornings ever! But honestly, this routine doesn’t take as long as it might seem. I usually wake up at 7 am and I’m typically working by 9 am. Except for mornings where I make an appearance on Your Morning or CP24 Breakfast. Then I’m up before the crack of dawn! 

1. Meditation and Mindfulness

Have you ever wanted to start a meditation practice, but felt intimidated by the idea and didn’t know where to start? This was me and probably almost anyone that has ever tried to sit quietly for more than 30 seconds. I get, it’s really hard in the beginning. But the payoff is infinite! We live in a world that glorifies being “busy” all the time. It can be so easy to get caught up in that mindset. But if you struggle with anxiety or managing stress, I can’t recommend meditation and mindfulness enough. 

Why Should You Meditate?

I started my meditation practice in January of 2018, and I have made it my mission to meditate every morning since then – usually, as soon as I wake up. I have noticed such an improvement in my mental health and happiness since I started this practice, and I highly recommend trying it to just about anyone. Prioritizing this time in the morning for my meditation practice has been key, and keeping it consistent has helped me integrate this habit into my daily life. If you feel that you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, start with something short and simple like this guided 5-minute Self Love Meditation, or even this 1 Minute Mini Meditation. It can take time to find peace in meditation as you first might need to tackle the dust and clutter before you can have a clean and open space in your mind to fully enjoy the experience. But starting with a 1 minute, 5 minute, or even 10-minute practice is the best way to begin and before long you’ll be hooked when you notice what a difference it makes in your life. 

2. Lemon Water

Drinking a large glass of lemon water first thing in the morning is a great way to hydrate the body, as we actually become slightly dehydrated overnight. I love starting my day with a glass of water with fresh lemon juice because it helps to promote healthy skin, a healthy digestive system, and provides electrolytes to help hydrate the body. Not only that, lemons are high in vitamin C which helps to boost your immune system, and drinking lots of water helps to promote and enhance liver detoxification. 

3. Skincare routine

Natural skincare is often overlooked. I know many people who eat well and take care of their body in other ways, but still use toxic products in their self-care routine! I’d like to encourage you to take a look at the ingredients in your skincare products and really evaluate whether or not they are good to be putting on your skin. Everything you put on your body goes IN your body because your skin absorbs so much! Lately, my morning skincare routine consists of my favourite ever rosewater toner, followed by vitamin C Serum and hyaluronic acid serum. Then I like to use this blue chamomile eye cream, which I also put on my lips as well because it feels so good and in the summer! I like to use cold-pressed coconut oil as a moisturizer for my whole body.

4. Digital Detox

Every night before I go to bed, I set my phone to airplane mode, and I don’t take it off airplane mode until an hour after I wake up. This simple habit helps me focus on my morning self-care routine and is a good reminder to prioritize myself and my own mental health. If you’re waking up and immediately checking your email, text messages, and scrolling through social media before you even get out of bed or take a deep breath – it’s not a very mindful way to start your day. Take that 20 minutes you’d spend laying in bed scrolling on social media, and instead do your morning meditation, drink your lemon water, practice yoga, or pamper yourself with a relaxing skincare routine!

5. Herbal coffee

Next up is my herbal coffee! I actually gave up coffee quite a few years ago and I don’t consume any caffeine at all. Eliminating caffeine from my diet has also been really important in helping with my anxiety. Herbal coffee is basically a mixture of dried chicory and barley and it actually tastes a lot like real coffee – minus the jitters! I love adding some collagen and unsweetened oat milk to this delicious drink. Click here to get my recipe for the most delicious HealthNut Coconut Herbal Coffee!

6. Eat a Healthy + Nourishing Breakfast

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper #healthnut morning routine if it didn’t involve some delicious food. A healthy breakfast is key to fueling your mind and body and having a productive day. I typically drink my green smoothie earlier in the morning as a pre-workout meal, then have a more filling breakfast later on in the morning when I get back home. My perfect green smoothie has been my go-to smoothie recipe that I drink every single morning. It helps me feel balanced, energized and fuelled for the day. Loaded with greens, veggies, fibre, plant-based protein, and healthy fats. I also add just enough fruit to sweeten without making it a dessert for breakfast. Click here to download my FREE perfect green smoothie guide!

Avocado Toast

One of my favourite things to eat for breakfast lately  has been an old classic – avocado toast! Especially after my body pump workouts! I love using Silver Hills Premium Sprouted Organic Bread – especially their sprouted organic bread! Sprouting ensures your blood sugar levels stay steady, and provides lots of energy. Sprouted grains are lower on the glycemic index, and have increased soluble fibre and protein! High starch foods can often leave you feeling foggy and lethargic. In contrast, the complex carbs found in whole sprouted grains fuel your most important organ – your brain.

Sprouted High-Fibre Whole Grains

Silver Hills products are plant-based and made with nutrient-rich, high-fibre whole grains. I also love that each ingredient is verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. You couldn’t ask for a better base for your avocado toast. Matt and I have been buying Silver Hills sprouted bread for a long time now. It’s one we keep going back to time and time again. For more delicious sprouted bread recipes be sure to check out the Silver Hills blog HERE. They have so many unique and delicious recipes that are perfect for Summer

7. Move your body

Lately, I’ve also made it a priority to move my body in some way first thing in the morning. Whether its taking Cashew on a long walk, doing a yoga class at home or heading to the gym for a Body Pump class! Getting a sweat on early in the day helps to wake up my body. Not only that, it also helps burn off all that excess energy so that I can focus on work throughout the day. Try this 11-minute wakeup yoga class for an easy at-home workout. Or, head out for a walk and enjoy the morning sunshine as you sip on your green smoothie!

I would love to know what your morning routine looks like, and which of these habits you are going to try incorporating into your daily routine! 

A huge thank you to Silver Hills for sponsoring this blogpost and supporting the HealthNut Community one avocado toast at a time! 

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