The Best Healthy Herbal Coffee

Being Portuguese I grew up drinking coffee from a very young age and never thought anything of it until I got older and realized caffeine consumption was playing a big part in my anxiety and stress levels… who knew?! When something is so ingrained into your daily habit and culture it can be the hardest thing to see it as a potential negative thing.

I’m not saying coffee is the worst thing in the world nor am I saying I think you should entirely remove it from your diet. I do think that a lot of people rely on this liquid stimulant as a way to get through their day, push through when their body is actually exhausted and when you can’t even start your day without a cup and not have a dreadful headache creeping around the corner. Trust me I’ve been there and can completely relate!

For me one of my new years resolutions for 2018 was to add self-care back into my life and put myself first. Things like even reducing or giving up coffee and caffeine was a long journey for me of slowing cutting it out and products like Caf-Lib have been a game changer in allowing me to still enjoy the taste and ritual of drinking my cup of Joe in the morning without adding to stress and anxiety levels.

BEST Coffee Recipe! Dairy Free & Healthy!

One of my favourite drinks to enjoy in the morning to start my day has been what you guys have now named my “HealthNut Coconut Coffee.” It’s frothy, creamy and has some great health benefits without any caffeine! You can of course drink this at bedtime or swap the herbal coffee with the regular stuff but give it a try and see how you feel with a little less caffeine in your day. For me I’m able to notice when my body is tired and when I have energy naturally and not from artificial stimulants. I not only have more sustained energy throughout the day but I also wake up feeling alert and well rested without a zombie walk to the coffee maker.

Even though people look at me a bit oddly when I mention coffee substitutes lol. Herbal coffee has been around for years and is something my grandparents even know about it and have been drinking for years as their night time coffee replacement. My mom even remembers drinking Caf-Lib when she was younger and having issues with anxiety and turned to herbal coffee as a replacement. Mind you she still drinks coffee but less of it.

BEST Coffee Recipe! Dairy Free & Healthy!

Most of the time herbal coffee is an all-natural product made up of simple ingredients like roasted chicory, carob, barley, etc. It has a similar taste and smell of traditional coffee which I love and even use in many recipes that require coffee like tiramisu or coffee cake (how many times can I say coffee in this post haha).

I’ve now been drinking herbal coffee as part of my diet almost everyday for the past 4 years and continue to get a lot of questions and interest about it. Even family and friends around me have made the switch as they have also started to notice their sleep and stress levels have changed from years of over caffeinating. Give your mind and adrenal levels a little break and try out my HealthNut Coconut Coffee recipe for 7 days and see how you feel. Sip this along with some delicious avocado toast, and you’ve got the most health-nutty breakfast there is!

BEST Coffee Recipe! Dairy Free & Healthy!

Coupon Code

To all of my Canadian viewers I have a special printable coupon for you which you can grab HERE and bring to your local grocery store that carries Caf-Lib products. Thank you to Caf-Lib for sponsoring and supporting HealthNut Nutrition and allowing me to share my love for herbal coffee with the HealthNut family.

If you make this Healthy Herbal Coffee, be sure to share a photo on social media and tag me @healthnutnutrition #healthnuteats so that I can see your creations!  



HealthNut Coconut Coffee

A healthy and creamy caffeine free morning latte drink made with coconut oil, collagen, maple syrup and herbal coffee.
Prep Time: 5 minutes


  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1-2 tbsp. Caf-Lib herbal coffee
  • 1 tbsp. unflavoured grass fed collagen peptides
  • 1 tsp. cold pressed coconut oil
  • 1 tsp. maple syrup optional


  • In a high-speed blender add in the liquid first followed by the rest of the ingredients. Blend everything together for 30 sec, starting on the low setting then turning it up to high speed until frothy and lighter in colour.
  • Serve right away nice and hot and enjoy!


The best morning "coffee" you will ever drink! #ad





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    • I look for grass fed 🙂 I love Sproos (they’re Canadian) also Vital Proteins is great (they are based in the US I believe)

  1. 5 stars
    What’s the alternative to buying the car-lib herbal coffee in UK and what does the collagen pow help for? Again alternative product to buy in uk?

  2. My healthy habit is to drink water first thing in the morning & regularly throughout the day to stay hydrated! #healthnutfam

  3. My favourite healthy habit is doing a quick morning meditation, and then have a warm cup of lemon water-such a great way to start the day!! 😊😊

  4. Mummy healthy habit is water. I’ll treat myself to a coffee at 10 after I dranked 2/3 if my water intake for the day.

  5. Hey Nikole!
    Hey from Toronto too! Great post
    My go to healthy habit is to have LOTS of fruit on hand for when I have sweet cravings, drinking hot water with lemon and honey, and just drinking a lot of water in general. I have a Hidrate Spark water bottle which keeps me on track! It syncs with my phone and hooks up with bluetooth to tell me exactly how much water I am drinking/need to drink.


  6. Thank you for all your tips and tricks to a healthy lifestyle! I do a green juice every morning after watching your 3 green juices video. I have an one year old daughter who eats breakfast with me every morning and we always spend some time outside with our German shepherd in the morning for some fresh air and to wake our bodies up for the day (:

    • I need to look into elderberry more! I always here amazing things about it. I swear by bee propolis spray when Im sick 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for sharing girl! I too have been trying to cut back on the coffee and have been replacing it with warm water to get my digestion going in the morning, but I would love to try caflib! My favourite healthy habit is having a green smoothie as/with breakfast!

    • use to drink hot water in a mug all the time when I worked in an office because I found it helped replace the habit of drinking coffee out of boredom lol

  8. I haven’t been able to give up coffee just yet. I’m the same with you, I started drinking coffee because of my family. My family is from the Philippines and my mom drank coffee at a young age and I followed suit. I also work at a Starbucks which just increased my intake. I have a 1 year old who still keeps me up at night so I desperately seek coffee first thing in the morning and throughout the day. I’m trying to make more healthier choices so that I don’t rely on coffee as much but my one healthy habit that I’ve been able to maintain is lemon water with acv. I’ve been watching your vids for quite some time now and I’ve always wanted to try your herbal coffee 😊

    • I know its so much harder when its been engrained into your childhood and life form family. Thank you for sharing and good luck with the giveaway! xo

  9. I have been trying to cut coffee this sounds like a great option. My healthy morning starts with hydrate before caffeinate, drinking at least 24 oz of water before anything else.

  10. Hi Nikole!
    My healthiest habit I swear by is to have one tablespoon of coconut oil a day. I have been doing this for the past year and always get compliments on how shiny my hair is and I can definitely see that your hair is the same!
    Thanks for the coupon. I am looking forwarding to trying out your recipe 🙂

    • I usually do hemp oil in my smoothies but I should try coconut oil once in a while 😉 Hope you love Caf-Lib as much as I do!

  11. I always get in a nutritious breakfast. Ezekiel toast with PB and blueberries or bananas or oatmeal. I feel so much better with something that doesn’t contain loads of sugar like a donut or danish.

  12. I love using natural products for the body. I swear apple cider vinegar is a jack of all trade natural product. I add it to my charcoal masks and hair rinse. It streaks hard water residue or hair products.

  13. I drink I drink lemon tea every morning with honey when I’m sick I drink it with lemon halls cough drops really helps when I have a cold.

  14. I love this! My best healthy habit was also giving up coffee (including decaf) almost 7 years ago! I usually treat myself to a decaf mocha once a year around the holidays, and now that I’ve kicked the habit, I think an herbal coffee would be such a treat! Your recipe looks great! No caffeine definitely helps my body and mind rest and reset much more effectively. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I drink tons of water. We don’t keep juice in our fridge at home and even as a child my preferred beverage is water. Big glass in morning and before bed….of course all day long.

  16. My favorite healthy habit is I will go for a walk every day no matter the weather to get some fresh air and clear my mind (this can be hard sometimes cause I am in Toronto too and it is so cold this winter).

  17. I love moving! Any type and any amount of time always helps me. Walking my dog or doing a quick morning stretch before work does wonder for the rest of my day!

  18. Favorite healthy habit = drinking green tea every morning with my breakfast. I’ve also been liking making a matcha drink too 🙂

  19. Hey Nikole! I have a matcha latte to start my day! Love that I get a boost of energy and antioxidants first thing in the morning.

  20. Very interesting! I personally don’t drink coffee as it always gave me a stomachache. Most people said it’s a good thing though lol since I won’t have an addiction. Maybe I can give herbal coffee a try.

    My healthy habit is having a matcha drink each morning.

    • I guess its a blessing in disguise lol You could def try herbal coffee though and see how you feel then you wont feel left out on coffee breaks lol

  21. WOW, I have bad anxiety and never thought that my coffee could be a contributor to it! One of my favorite healthy things I swear by is zoodles, I love pasta and those have really helped me with eating better overall!

    • Try taking it out and see how your anxiety is! It was a huge factor for me and haven’t looked back since removing it. And zoodles are the best and so fun to eat haha

    • Water is so important and I notice just a difference when and when I dont drink it often enough! It also helps me wake up in the mornings because I always have to PEE! lol

  22. I have a big glass of water and a protein shake. Then I hit the gym for a sweaty workout.
    I put my headphones on and block out the rest of the world.
    That’s my “me” quiet time.

  23. My healthiest habit is to drink water! I do drink 1 cup of coffee everyday but then the rest of the day I have water (no soda or juices) and lately I have been drinking a cup of sleepy tea at night to unwind.

  24. First I just want to say that I love your videos – I’ve never actually commented on any of them before, but I watch one pretty much daily. Your philosophy about nutrition resonated with me a lot, and I have adopted a ton of your healthy substitutes, recipes, and routine habits into my own life. I have to say, I am feeling much healthier, more energetic, and focused!

    As for favorite healthy habit, I go for an hour long walk on my lunch break every day! I listen to music or podcasts and it is a great time to decompress, get away from my desk, and get steps in. Thanks for all your wonderful info!

    • Hey Alicia! Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your healthy habit. I honestly love walking and use to think it was over rated and now I cant get enough!! Best of luck on you healthy journey and keep sharing xo

  25. My healthy habit is having a “Power shot “ every now and then in the morning. I make a full bottle of it and drink a shot before breakfast when I feel a bit weaker or want to “reboot” my system.
    The shot consists of turmeric, cloves, pepper, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and water! It sounds gross but that’s how I don’t get sick (also a great hungover remedy)

  26. I love all of your videos.. i just start following you couple days ago and almost saw 50% of all your videos lol…you do inspire me to add healthy routine into my day..
    Healthy habbit is i have to take my spoon of honey every morning w water.
    Drink my green tea w ginger, lemon and honey every day.
    I start to use coconut almond milk and make at least one smoothie aday from your list 🙂
    So basiclly you did change a lot in me..thanks
    Btw i love to see your routine videos tgey ate amazing

    • Congrats!! You’ve been chosen as one of the 3 winners to receive a pack of Cab-Lib goodies! Please send an email to [email protected] with your full name and mailing address within 48 hours to claim your prize 🙂

    • YAY so happy you found me online! Welcome to the #healthnutfam xo Also what kind of honey do you take? I know Manuka is really good for you!

    • YAY so happy you found me online! Welcome to the #healthnufam xo Also what kind of honey do you take? I know Manuka is really good for you!

  27. Hey! I’ve already posted on your YouTube channel but I have a question… what is “cold pressed coconut oil” does that just mean taking a spoonful from the jar? Not melted? Thanks!!

    • Hey Christina! It just means it hasn’t been heated or processed its just straight up unrefined coconut oil 🙂

  28. Thanks for this post! Super interesting and love hearing about new products like this.

    My healthy habit of 2018 has been listening to my body more. Whether my body wants a break from the gym or doesn’t like something I’ve eaten, I’m learning to fuel my body with good things and to take a rest when I need it.

    • thank you so much! And love your healthy habit.. could not agree with you more! Listen to your body always xo

  29. I always allow enough extra time in the morning to have 10 minutes where I cuddle my dog right before I leave for work. It seriously sets the tone for my day and he gets some special attention. I also always try to end my day with a caffeine free tea. I have this coconut almond one I’ve been really loving lately.

  30. The one habit I have, or attitude I have that I absolutely Stand By and believe keeps me healthy, is my positive attitude. I work really hard at being happy, and staying that way. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have challenges in my life. It doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong in my life. In fact it doesn’t even mean that I don’t suffer from anxiety, because I do. But in part because of this, I work really hard to keep a positive attitude, and actively work to be a happy person. I swear that’s the secret to my health. I absolutely love CafLib. If it didn’t exist, I don’t know how I would have survived the ulcer that I had years ago. I was unable to drink coffee because of it. And I will tell you that I absolutely love my coffee. Not so much because of the caffeine. I was actually able to live without caffeine. But I just enjoy the flavor of coffee. I couldn’t find a substitute that tasted like coffee until I found CafLib. I swear it’s saved the lives of my co-workers at the time. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Colleen! I couldn’t more about how feeling happy and being positive is a choice and takes work. I struggle with anxiety everyday but I choose to think positively and spread kindness when I can. Best of luck with your health journey xo

  31. I try to go for a walk with my kids almost every single day. Even when it rains, I put their rain gear on and we jump in the puddles. It really makes a big difference in our moods!

    • YAY love that, thanks for sharing 🙂 Miss our morning train rides to work with our smoothies in hand!

  32. I always make sure to drink a big glass of water when I wake up, before bed and 30 minutes before each meal! This makes me feel so good and full faster!

  33. I’ve cut out coffee from my diet for almost 3 months now, but I still drink black tee in the mornings for a boost. But through out the day I’ve been drinking herbal teas like rooibos vanilla chai or recently roasted dandelion tea.

    I’ve also taken out dairy and processed sugar and subbed it for unsweetened almond milk and honey/coconut sugar/stevia.

    I love blending the coconut oil with herbal tea, it’s so creamy and frothy 😋

  34. I am so grateful to you for talking about herbal coffee! ❤️ I had never heard about it before & struggle with caffeine affecting my hormones (ugh!). I went coffee free for 6months and missed the morning cup of coffee (I LOVE the taste of coffee). I I tried CafLib after hearing you talk about it in your video and it totally satisfies that morning drink that I want! Love it!

    My healthy habit I swear by is using a steam room for detoxing. I have been using one since high school and when I stopped I noticed such a difference in my overall health!

    • Congrats!! You’ve been chosen as one of the 3 winners to receive a pack of Cab-Lib goodies! Please send an email to [email protected] with your full name and mailing address within 48 hours to claim your prize 🙂

    • Im so happy to hear I introduced you to the world of herbal coffee! Also, Matt does steam rooms all the time.. I really should join him more often. I personally prefer the infrared saunas as they’re easier to breath in and I’ve heard they work even better but I think either one is great!

  35. My absolute favourite healthy habit is waking up earlier and allowing myself time to just “be” in the morning before throwing myself into the hectic day to day routine. Getting in that first lemon, ginger water and making a solid effort to not start the day on a rushed and overwhelmed note. This includes setting the alarm to allow enough time to just lay in bed and slowly get up and collect my thoughts for the day. Definitely makes for a more positive start to the day.

    • I’m relaxed just reading that Ashley! Thank you so much for entering and sharing your morning habit 🙂

  36. This is so interesting. I’ve need heard of a herbals coffee annd now i really want to try them.

    I swear by apple cider vinegar and I try to drink it daily.

    • Congrats!! You’ve been chosen as one of the 3 winners to receive a pack of Cab-Lib goodies! Please send an email to [email protected] with your full name and mailing address within 48 hours to claim your prize 🙂

    • I know so many people have never tried them before but they are honestly a great alternative to either replace or just add or just reduce your coffee consumption. And yes AVC is amazing I love it in salad dressings and even as a hair rinse!