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Hey HealthNut’s today I’m focusing on healthy skincare:)

As seasons change and you refresh your wardrobe don’t forget about refreshing the largest organ on your body- Your SKIN! Although your skin does exfoliate naturally already, nowadays with all the creams, foundations and exposure to the sun your skin needs a bit of help every now and then. I personally like to give my whole body a good exfoliation at least once a week to help keep my skin glowing, fresh and rejuvenated.

Here are the products I use and love that help keep my skin exfoliated and looking its best!

This is the only tool I use to exfoliate daily everything else I use weekly:)

This is the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing Brush

This product is amazing and ALOT cheaper than the Clarasonic SpinBrush. I love that it’s waterproof so I can use it in the shower. After I wipe off my makeup with a makeup remover cloth(my favourite are by Simple) or my Bioderma cleansing solution= AMAZING! I take my Olay Pro-X and add a pea size amount of my favourite cleanser (I perfer a foaming non soap cleanser). I then add a bit of water to the brush and begin exfoliating my face all over for about 3 min. Your skin will feel and look amazing:)

The next product I use to exfoliate my face is the Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub. I only use this once a week for a deeper exfoliation. I just wet my face and take a small amount of the scrub and gentle rub it in a circular motion for a good minute and then rinse and follow with your favourite serum and moisturizer. One thing about this product is that it is impossible to find in stores. I usually buy mine online through amazon plus it’s cheaper!

Next is one of my new favourites which I featured in my Lush Haul! It’s Lush’s Mint Julips sugar Scrub for your lips. Not only does it smell and taste delish! But after your done exfoliating your lips with it you can lick it off!! yes you heard me right.. Lick the yummy sugar mint goodness and presto your done and now have fresh breath before bed.  Follow with your favourite lip balm, mine is the EOS series, love them! Sometimes I even dab on some argon oil before applying the lip balm for an extra moisture boost!

Don’t forget your teeth:D I like to use spin or pulsing tooth brushes. I usually use the Oral-B spinbrush but since I’m travelling this Oral-B pulsar one does the trick and cleans my teeth and gums very well. Don’t forget to floss first and brush for at least 2 full minutes!

Another new obsession of mine is Lush’s Aqua Mirabilis. I use this about once or twice a week all over my body , its especially great for prepping the skin for shaving. It’s gentle enough to use on the upper body as well and rinses off like a milky cleaner. I love this stuff and it smells soo yummy I wish I could eat it!

Ok so this one I also do everyday not just once a week. I like to use a loofah or some sort of wash cloth along with my daily shower gel to help clean my skin and get the dead skin cells off so i look squeaky clean. You can buy these pretty much anywhere for less than 5 dollars.

There you have it! My favourite products that I use daily/weekly to exfoliate my skin. I love how soft and glowy my skin looks after I have scrubbed off all the dead skin cells and applied my favourite lotion.

If you liked this video please let me know in the comments if you’d like me to do more skincare blog posts:)

Your HealthNut<3

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    • Amazon is the best way to buy because seriously I can never find this stuff in stores. There’s one small health food store that sometimes carries it in Toronto but that’s about it haha I hope their not discounting because ill cry!

  1. I found your site from Chelsea’s and I’m so glad I did – what a fun blog! Thanks for the exfoliating tips. My face has decided it’s due time to break out, so I’m glad I stopped by and got some tips. 🙂

    • My skin has its ups and downs as well. But recently I’ve found a really good skincare routine that I’ve been doing that last month and a half and its been doing wonders on my skin. Ill def havre to show it on my blog in the near future! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blog:)

  2. Oh, I’m going to have to get one of those Aqua Mirabilis bars the next time I go to Lush to stock up on conditioner (I love me some Jungle!) A lot of products cause me to break out, so I started using just water and a facial buff every other day. Cleanser 3x a week. My skin has never been clearer or softer. Thanks for sharing these tips!!