HIIT Workout Routine

If you haven’t watched my fitness video yet I explain a whole workout breakdown, using timed intervals instead of repetitions and sets.

Using timed intervals as appose to sets will not only help push you harder but you can actually track your progress easier if you write down your reps in each interval. You can workout with a partner and have them count as you perform the exercise, so you can concentrate on the exercise and not on the counting.

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What You’ll Need:

-A mat, towel or soft surface

-A water bottle (hydration is important!)

-A timer (perferably a Gymboss Timer becuase you can set two intervals at a time)

Workout Breakdown:

-Set your timer for 30 sec, 10 sec intervals and 6 rounds

-There will be 4 rounds and 6 exercises to this routine

-For each round you need to alternate between both exercises and do each one 3 times for 30 sec, with a 10 sec rest inbetween

Round One:

-Planks Jacks

-Squat Jumps

Round Two:

-Split Lunge Jumps

-Push ups

Round Three:

-Fire Hydrant (alternate sides)

Round Four:

-Plank with Leg Raise

-Side Plank Raise

Your Finished!

In just a short period of time you will have increase your heart rate, burned a large number of calories, improved your strength and endurance, and broken a good sweat. The best part is you did you it in hardly any time at all and you can go on with the rest of your day, knowing you are on track with your health goals.

Get your sweat on!

Your Health Nut,


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