Late Night Munchies

Every now and then I find my tummy growling even after I’ve already ate dinner, had my cup of herbal tea and brushed my teeth- It seems that sometimes when your mind is ready for bed…your body is not. It’s important to eat a balanced dinner at a reasonable time which for me is about 7pm so I’m not hungry before bed, but sometimes this doesn’t always work out as planned. Here was last night’s late munchie snack…

The perfect combination of salty and sweet:

  • 1 medium apple= 95 cal
  • 1  tbs of natural peanut butter= 100 cal
  • optional (sprinkle with 1/4 tbs cinnamon) = 1.5 cal

Nutritional Info: 5.5g protein and 4.5g of fibre 

This is one low-sugar treat that won’t raise your blood sugar levels and will keep you satisfied until bed. Even a late night snack can add up in calories but this is a good one if you had a small lunch and have some calories to spare:)


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  1. Hi Nikky, have you heard of the high carb raw vegan diet? If you’re interested, might want to check out the 80 10 10 diet by dr. douglas graham, another book is skinny bitch. Tons of info on youtube. durianrider and rawfitbitch channels. 🙂