24 Hours with a 20 Month Old Toddler

What a typical 24 hours looks like for us with a toddler. From meals to milk breaks this is how we navigate life with a growing and very active little one.

mom with toddler on bathroom floor

It is so hard for me to believe that Sage is already a toddler. If you’ve been following along our journey, I’m sure you know that we have had quite the time navigating parenthood. It is quite the learning experience. Our days constantly change depending on what is going on. Sometimes Matt and I are able to tag team, and other days it’s just one of us. Having said that, I’m hoping that this blog will give you some insight as to what a typical day looks like for us currently.

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Morning Routine with a Toddler

Once Sage wakes up, it’s “go time”. Typically, the first stage of our morning is Matt getting Sage, changing her and bringing her to our room for some milk. Afterwards, Sage will usually have some play time before her breakfast. It’s a good way for her to get some energy out before hitting the high chair.

A typical (and easy) breakfast that I make for Sage when I need something fast consists of toast (either with butter, nut butter or avocado) and fruit. Today I decided to add some scrambled eggs, which she’s been picky with these days. It’s funny, she always gets a very nutritious and delicious breakfast and I find I always end up snacking on her scraps (or leftover homemade baked goods like cookies). I have realized though that the best time for me to eat is when Sage eats. That way, we can both focus on our food and I don’t have to keep track of her whereabouts while trying to eat. This has been a huge “hack” for me, if you want to learn more about what I’ve been doing to navigate toddlerhood with Sage, check out my most recent Parenting Hacks for New Moms video.

scrambled eggs, toast and strawberries

Outfit changes are always fun (not really though) with my toddler, I usually have to bust out a song like head and shoulders knees and toes as a distraction tactic. After breakfast we will usually play a bit more or head to the park. I love fitting outdoor time into our schedule. Not only is it great for me and Sage but Cashew is also a huge fan. We soak up as much sun as we can before heading home for lunch. For more on my morning routine, check out my recent vlog where I show you (big feelings and all) what mornings look like from my perspective.

toddler at the park

Afternoon Routine with a Toddler

When we get back from the park it’s time for lunch. Sage gets to play while I make her lunch. Her new learning tower allows her to stand at the counter with me while I cook and watch or “help”. While in the tower, stacking blocks have been a huge hit at keeping her preoccupied.

I also can’t recommend subscription playkits enough. We’ve been using them since Sage was born. You receive specific toys suited to each stage for little ones. The toys are all targeted to help them learn and develop their skills as they grow. For new parents like myself, this is a life saver as teaching you as well on how to play with your kids and support their development and best of all its a ton of fun. This stacking toy is from the “Pioneer Play Kit” for ages 16-18 months.

Other items Sage and I have been loving include her table and chair set which is amazing for arts and crafts as well as snack/play time. She also loves this her current highchair.

When it comes to lunch, I’ll usually make something easy that both she and I can enjoy. On this day, I made brown rice pasta with tomato sauce and leftover lamb meatballs.

mom and toddler eating spaghetti

I also recently upgraded Sage’s dinnerware to some more toddler friendly pieces. This cup is a fantastic size for toddlers and this plate suctions to her high chair to help avoid food on the floor (even though it often ends up there anyways…if you have a toddler who likes to throw food, I’m sure you can relate). These utensils are also very safe for toddlers but a bit more adult-like as they’re tougher plastic and pick up food quite well. You can find/shop all of my favourite baby and toddler food essentials here

After lunch we’ll usually get Sage ready for her first (and now only) nap of the day. You can learn all about our nap schedule here. When we tag team, Matt is typically the one who does this nap time routine. Sage gets a change, has a book read to her and teeth brushed before her nap. If I’m the one putting her down, she’ll usually ask for a milk top up.

I use the time when Sage is asleep to catch up on work, clean up/organize a bit, and most importantly relax a bit myself (chasing growing toddlers is exhausting!). Once she’s up she will usually have a snack right away (sometimes milk as well if she asks). We usually have some sort of activity planned or play time. I love to take her to our local community center for an afternoon swim once or twice a week. When we were in Florida over the winter, Sage took swimming lessons and has become a natural in the water. It’s a really fun activity for her and a good way to break up the day.

For afternoon snacks I love baking with Sage and sometimes making recipes from The Baby HealthNut Cookbook (such as the Soft Baked Peanut Butter Coconut Cookies) as they are easy to meal prep and store for throughout the week. Having said that, on days when I’m tired, seaweed snacks and Shrek will suffice. We’ll relax and pop in another milk top up then it’s time for dinner. I should also mention all throughout the day we will offer/Sage will ask for water. This is a great water bottle to have on the go and it has an easy sippy straw. . 

Evening Routine with a Toddler

I’ll cook something easy and nutritious for dinner (usually from The Baby HealthNut Cookbook). A staple is the Tofu Rice Stir Fry which is also family friendly that anyone will enjoy. Music is a life saver to keep Sage happy and distracted while I’m preoccupied with cooking. Spotify has some great Disney playlists that I have now memorized every song in the exact order. 

toddler and dad reading before bed

Once dinner is done we’ll pop on Sage’s pj’s (love these toddler two piece sets) and play a bit more just to tire her out before bed. I do one last diaper change, breastfeed, thena quick tooth brush (the toothpaste we love) and story time, then a lullaby to put her to bed. If you want more details on how we have developed Sage’s sleeping habits, check out this video.

Mission Accomplished

That’s our typical 24 hours with a toddler! Definitely different from the previous stages we’ve had with Sage. I have similar videos showing 24 Hours with a Newborn, 24 Hours with a 6 Month Old (blog), and 24 Hours with an 11 Month Old (blog) – be sure to check them out as well!

What does your toddler routine look like? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know!

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