Two-year old’s Montessori Bedroom

Welcome to my two-year-old’s bedroom! This Montessori-inspired bedroom has soft tones and a calming presence. With handmade art from family, furniture from Esty shops, and a rainbow watercolour wallpaper.

My two-year-old Sage’s bedroom might look a little familiar, as I used a few of her pieces from her nursery, but we’ve changed a lot as she’s growing older. I’m super excited to share with you her Montessori toddler bedroom.

The focal point of the room, and the first thing you notice when you walk in, is this boho pastel watercolour rainbow, removable wallpaper. I really like that it makes a statement and is not too overwhelming or busy. I also love how her name sign fits perfectly onto the rainbow, adding that personal touch. I made sure to put her name high enough on the wall that I didn’t have to worry about her trying to pull it down, something you have to think about once your child becomes more mobile (and taller!). I used 3M command strips to hang her name so that I wouldn’t damage the wallpaper.

Sage is still in her crib, I’m not ready to move her yet into a big bed as she still fits comfortably and doesn’t try to escape. I’m also not ready for her to have the freedom to get up and go wherever she wants aka come wake up mom and dad.

Functional Decor & Storage

When you first walk into Sage’s room to the left of the door, we have her IKEA wooden dresser and diaper caddy station, with a mirror, a sloth hook, and a handmade decorative rainbow hanging on the wall above. We no longer do diaper changes on the dresser (Sage is too big). We have all her diapers, wipes, and swim diapers stored in this White Rolling Cart from IKEA, this has been an item that has transitioned well from her newborn nursery to her toddler room.

Hanging Shelves & Dresser

These hanging shelves are from a local Canadian Esty shop. By complete accident, they ended up matching the birch wood dresser perfectly. I decided that placing the shelves above the dresser was smart since they went together. I’ve decorated the floating shelves with sentimental items that are a nice touch to her room but out of her reach. 

Sitting on her dresser, I kept it simple with the essentials. We use her Hatch white noise machine every night, and her cloud humidifier, which I keep on low during dry winter months. I have a little basket where I store her diaper cream, hair brushes, booger sucker, and all the essentials. 

Decorative Wall Art

My Vovo (Grandmother), now retired and living in Portugal, handmade these doilies, and my mom (Gigi) had the idea of using embroidery wooden hoops to hang them on the wall. I love how these turned out, and I love that Sage’s room has a piece of my Vovo in her room. I look at them often, and it makes me happy.

Sage owns so many stuffies that stuffy storage was a must. I purchased these macrame hanging baskets from Amazon. They hang from the ceiling, and we’re able to store stuffies in them while also adding that decorative touch to her room.

Hanging on the wall is another special family piece; Matt’s mom made this, and it fits perfectly because we sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Sage every night at bedtime, and Matt’s mom cross-stitched this print with her name and birthday.

Montessori Themed Furniture

One thing that I have been intentional about is making sure that Sage’s room doesn’t have many toys. Instead, we have kept it simple with stuffies, books, and nothing that has batteries or makes loud noises. We want Sage to know that when she’s in her bedroom, it’s for quiet time, relaxing, and sleeping. Having a cozy room like this is also great to have a space to come to when big feelings hit hard, and she needs a safe space to reset.

As Sage becomes older, we have been leaning into the Montessori style and really promoting independence. We have tried to incorporate furniture pieces that are at her level and help give her the independence that she needs.

I love this mirror and Montessori-style sink. Sage loves brushing her teeth and giving her the independence to start doing things herself has been a lot of fun to watch. Once she grows up and can start using the bathroom more independently, this Montessori sink changes into a shelf, and you can use the mirror anywhere.

In addition to her regular closet, we have this open-concept closet which has been good for her to see her clothes visually. She’s able to make decisions on what to wear. The hangers that come with the closest don’t come off, which makes it a little easier for her to get the clothes off the hanger. Hopefully, this will begin to teach her how to get dressed by herself and help promote that independence and decision-making. I try to limit the amount of clothing in her open closet at one time and keep the rest of her clothing in her closet (which isn’t nearly as cute as her nursery closet, haha)

Book Storage

Sage has so many books, and reading is a big part of our bedtime routine. It is very important to me that we have a bookshelf so that she was able to see the covers of the books and be able to pick the books she wants to read easily. 

I found this beautiful wooden, front-facing bookcase off Esty, I love the added detail of the abacus wooden beads on the front (this is optional) and the neutral earth tones. I like the Montessori approach, where the bookshelf is at her level, and all the books are forward-facing and easily accessible to her.

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I have loved this carpet for a long time. I first saw it on another blog and knew I had to have it, this carpet is handwoven and made of 100% wool which I love because it’s made of natural fibers. Full transparency, all wool rugs will shed a bit. It even says on the site depending on traffic and wear, it should typically take about 20-25 vacuums to get most of it. 

I love the pebble look of this carpet and gives that extra cozy texture. Sage really loves this carpet under her little feet and gives her a little sensory experience with the little ball-type texture. 

I hope this room has given you a little bit of inspiration for your toddler’s room. I’m curious whether you allow your children to have toys in their rooms.  Comment below. 

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