How to Detox | Healthy Spring Detox Habits

Its that time of year again where everyone is Spring cleaning everything from their closets to their backyard and usually the most important area to clean is often forgotten… your body of course! Helping your body to eliminate toxins and waste is so important to feeling amazing, energetic and glowing. In todays post I am sharing with you some of my favourite ways on how to detox your body inside and out,  just in time for that Spring cleaning. I’ve categorized all my favourite detox tips into 3 categories: Diet, Skincare and Lifestyle (my personal favourite).

5 Reasons why you should detox:

  • Clear skin
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Balanced hormones
  • Weight loss  



#1: Diet

The first place you want to start when it comes to detoxing your body is of course diet. You can’t possible help rid your body of toxins if you keep filling it up with more. Even if you aren’t ready for a full week cleanse there are many small healthy habits you can do to help your body do its thing. 

Warm lemon water: One of my favourite ways to stay hydrated and detox at the same time is my warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Everyone’s heard it by now I’m sure but its one of the easiest and most affordable ways to start your day feeling refreshed and energized. 


Stay Hydrated: Your body can’t properly rid itself of toxins if you’re not staying hydrated. Green juices are an amazing way to cleanse your system and make your skin glow from within. You can check out some of my favourite juice recipes here.

Herbal teas: I’ve been absolutely loving the Detox tea blend by The Honest Leaf. All their teas are organic and this one in particular contains a great mix of herbs like dandelion, fennel and peppermint to help your body detoxify and get rid of bloating while enjoying a nice hot beverage. 


Enter into The Honest Leaf tea company GIVEAWAY for a chance to win 1 out of 3 prize packs of 3 sample sized organic teas. Shelby is the founder and creator of The Honest Leaf and is also a Toronto based Nutritionist. She is so sweet and lovely and I’m just so happy to be sharing her amazing teas to all of you. 

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Cleanse programs: I’ve recently tried the Joyous Health 10 day detox program which includes videos, recipes, meal plans and nutrition tips to get you on track for full 10 days. I love this cleanse because you don’t have to limit your food intake. The detox program helps you by adding in clean, whole foods, while avoiding popular food sensitivities like dairy and wheat. There are different versions of the detox for  vegetarians, celiacs, etc. You can learn more about the program here. My mom and I followed this program for just over a week and we were pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to prepare the food and how fun it was to eat it! 

#2: Skincare

I read something recently that said your skin absorbs about 30% of the food you eat. This means your skin is really just a reflection of the foods your putting into your body. Some skin issues can take months, maybe years to clear but making sure your eating clean, wholesome foods is the best way to really get down to the bottom of it. I often use the EWG Skin Deep site which is a directory for searching products and to find out their toxicity levels. You can even download their app and just scan the barcodes on your favourite products. I tend to try and aim for a rating of 3 or less.

Clean skincare products: Lately my absolute favourite skincare line has been Luminance Skincare which is all organic and just feels like butter on my skin. It doesn’t make me break out and I feel good knowing Im putting really great ingredients onto my skin instead of toxic creams that are full of preservatives and fillers.


If you use the coupon code “healthnut” you can actually receive 20% off your next order from them. They’re seriously the nicest group of people and I just cant recommend them enough. If you have very sensitive acne prone skin then I think you’ll just love what they have to offer.

Dry brushing: This method is when you take a dry brush and gently brush your skin in an upwards motion towards your heart. This helps with blood circulation, cellulite and helping your body to move trapped toxins to your lymphatic system which helps your body detox. 

Oil pulling: This method is when you swish around a spoonful of oil in your mouth first thing upon rising for 10-20 minutes to pull toxins from the body into the oil. Oil pulling is suppose to help with freshening your breath, prevent cavities, whitening teeth, clearing acne, and the list goes on.

#3: Lifestyle

Last but not least would have to be my personal favourite… Lifestyle. In todays online world its almost a must to unplug and give yourself a digital detox. I’ve found that incorporating some of the following habits into my weekly routine has made the world of a difference. Not to mention if you suffer from stress, anxiety (which I’m very prone to) or just cant seem to wind down at night then you need to try these out.

Unplug: Try setting your phone to “airplane” mode for the first hour or two first thing in the morning so your not bombarded by emails and social media notifications as the world wakes up to. This is a great way to allow your body and mind to wake up and detox from any outside noise or stress.

Meditate: I’ve been completely obsessed with the Headspace app which is basically a 101 guide to meditating for beginners. I just downloaded the free app on my iPhone and have been meditating to the 10 minute sessions. Not only does the app talk you through how to mediate but it also includes short videos explaining in simple and easy to relate examples/lessons on the connection with the mind and mediating. Meditating is a must if you want to clear your mind of floating thoughts and just hit the “reset” button. 

Move your body: Go for a walk, run, hike, rollerblade (something new I’m trying) and just enjoy nature. Breath in fresh clean air and help your airways and blood to detox toxins by exercising and stimulating these muscles through working out. Even if you walk 3 times a week to start off with its a great start to helping your body feel its very best.


Happy Spring detoxing and good luck with the giveaway!

Comment down below letting me know your favourite ways to Spring detox….


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  1. What I love about spring is listening to the rain at night when sleeping and watching thunderstorms. As well as being to walk my dog couple of times a day. As well as I love spring, my fav season.

  2. What I love about spring is the feeling of freshness… food tastes better, air smells nicer and moods are always better.

  3. Jacaranda trees bloom in the spring in Sothern California and I just love the periwinkle “snow” they create. One of my favorite ways to detox is to dance. Even if I’m doing something simple I make it kind of a mefitation to feel my groundedness and tweak each little isolation. Happy late Spring, all!

  4. I love gardening and being able to cook with fresh local foods once again in the spring. I love having long sunny days and the breeze that comes in from the first time I open my windows. Spring is definitively my favourite season.

  5. I know when Spring has a arrived when I can hear the birds chirping outside my window in the morning and when the sun light wakes me up bright and early. I also love the aroma of lilacs even though they bloom for such a short time.

  6. My favorite way to spring detox is going outside more and taking walks or do yoga in the backyard.

  7. My favorite thing about spring has to be the bright, sunny weather and fresh flowers and some of my favorite fruits and vegetables coming in season (:

  8. Love your post, it is so important to take the time to take care of yourself! I need to try the meditation app, thanks for all the great ideas!

  9. my favorite thing about spring is the smell of the air around me , its just so fresh and clean. i also love how light and airy the clothing gets . its just like a better version of new years for me.

  10. I usually drink a lot of water… Cut back on wine/ alcohol… Drink green tea… And juice 1 meal

  11. What I love about spring is spring cleaning and gardening. It’s such a wonderful time to start anew and also grow some beautiful flowers!

  12. One of my new favorite ways to Detox is to go Mountain CLimbing. it touches on some of your Lifestyle points. I get fresh air, exercise and climbing up a tough mountain can put you into a very focused almost meditative state as you ascend upwards towards the summit