Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

Forget the PB and jelly sandwich because they are so old news! With all these new nut butters coming out on the grocery shelves how can you resist?

Not only is regular peanut butters sad excuse for a healthy fat/protein but it contains a high amount of sugar and salt! Last time I checked peanuts didn’t obtain either one, so why does our peanut butter?

Did you know the regular peanut butter contains ingredients like: soybean oil, corn dextrin, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and salt! Gross… Right? Not to mention most consumers are adding this stuff onto white (empty calories) bread with high sugar jams. Well no wonder kids can’t concentrate after lunch time once they’ve just consumed about 18 grams of sugar alone. Your taste buds only need a few days to adjust to a new taste an after it does you will actual find that the regular stuff tastes awful and too sugary/salty compared the real stuff.

The first time I tried natural peanut butter I’m not going to lie I was a little thrown back. I had been so use to the sugar stuff that I wasn’t use to the raw flavour of peanuts by itself. I slowly began adding healthy jams, honey or banana to sweeten the flavour a bit. Before I knew it I couldn’t get enough of the raw stuff. I fell back in love with a childhood favourite but with a new twist. My favourite is to simple cut up an apple and spread a little natural peanut butter on it as a perfect combination of carbs and protein.

Tip: if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on some of the high end but butters like MaraNatha (although has amazing selection), Kraft makes a great option called “Natural Peanut Butter”. You have to keep it refrigerated and stir it before eating but it is a much healthier option for you at home.

Also, try out my favourite jams from St.Dalfour, they make delicious options all are made from fruit juices instead of added sugars.

Don’t limit yourself to just the peanut butter, there are so many options now available on grocery shelves. Here’s a few of my favourite and the differences.

Eating-made-easy’s blog nut comparison chart:

Note: Sodium is not shown in this chart but is an important ingredient to compare when picking your nut butters. Normally the natural brands do not contain any salt unless flavoured.

On the go tip! Justin’s Nut Butters come in easy on the go travel size nut butter packages! I love this idea because it allows you to easily pop a serving size of protein to go with your fruit or crackers without any sticky mess or hassle. They come in a variety of delicious flavours and I highly recommend checking these out.

Pleases comment below on your favourite nut butters and what you like to eat it with:)

Your Healthnut <3

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  1. I am absolutely addicted to Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut spread, so much healthier and yummier than Nutella! Since I found it at Target about 2-3 weeks ago, I have already downed 2 jars! Yikes 🙂 Their Honey Peanut butter is also quite good. It is interesting that you mention the shock to your taste buds from switching to natural peanut butter; I had the opposite. I grew up overseas so my first experience with peanut butter was Jiffy which an acquaintance brought as a gift. It tried it once and threw it in the trash….

  2. Love it! I have never seen those pouches, Ill have to keep an eye out. As for peanut butter, we make our own. We eat a ton of it. Just throw peanuts in the blender and blend…add a tiny bit of oil in after its smoothish…and bam, peanut butter.