Ready, Set, Go!

Sticking to all your News Years’ commitments can be  tricky. Starting a fresh slate always sounds great until you realise that it’s mid April and you haven’t even begun. So as you raise your glass to another great year, aim to stay on track with these great tricks!

Make a list

Stay organized and focused in 2012 with a day planner and notepad to jot down all your goals, aspirations and to do lists. It’s easy to forget or overlook certain tasks when they are not written in stone (or in your planner). If your goal is to lose 8 lbs for summer than maybe put up some motivating fitness pictures on a cork board or inspirational words as your screen saver. Seeing you goals on a regular basis will help you stay on track and remind you why you’re not going for take out 3 times a week or having to drink only one glass of wine for dinner.


It’s easy to stay on top of things if you already have it prepared ahead of time. For instance, if you stick up the house with things like fresh veggies, hummus, Ezekiel bread, and Greek yogurt, than you’ll find it easier to eat healthy. If you know you have a busy week coming up, then wash, pre-cut, pack and store your lunches for the week including easy go to snacks and drinks.

Don’t rely on will power

You need to begin your new year with a fresh attitude towards getting into shape and being healthy. Changing your lifestyle for the better does not have to be a negative thing and if anything you should be excited! You’re going to feel better, look better and exude confidence. Eventually sticking to a healthy life will come naturally without force and struggle.

Forget the fad diets

Short term strict diet plans are not the way to go, and you will only shock your body. You want to gradually get rid of the bad foods and replace with the good. Make a goal for you to substitute a good for a bad each week. This could be switching your morning juice to water or that mid day brownie to an apple with peanut butter. The list goes on and there are so many health foods out there now that sacrificing taste is in the past.

Try something new

Ask some coworkers or a friend to join a new class with you and try out something new. There are so many interesting and new types of workout classes now that you really can’t get bored. By trying new ways to move your body not only are you staying active but you’re going to increase flexibility, your mood, and decrease your stress. Don’t fall into a rut, just because you weren’t motivated last year doesn’t mean you can’t step it up this time around.

Get those planners out and start keeping track of your workouts, diet and goals!

Your Health Nut,

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  1. I think joining a class is a great way to start your year RIGHT! Also, you can make new friends that will encourage your new goals.