DIY: How to Make a Spring Cleaning Kit

DIYspringcleanday1Summer is around the corner and there is still a lot of Spring cleaning to do in my house! It seems that no matter what time of the year it is having a well prepared cleaning kit at your finger tips is essential in order to stay organized. I find if I don’t have all my natural cleaning products all in one spot I loose things or just don’t use them as often as I should. Using a simple caddy like the one shown below is a great way to keep all your Spring cleaning essentials together and ready to take with you to any floor of your house. I found a cleaning caddy similar to the one I used here.

This is everything I carry in my Spring/all year round cleaning kit.

How to Make a Cleaning Kit

 I love using Method cleaning products in my cleaning routine because they are safer and biodegradable.

Here are the products I mention:

-Method Squirt & Mop floor cleaner

-Method All Purpose cleaner

-Method Bathroom cleaner

-Method Wood for Good polish

How to Make a Cleaning Kit

 I also love Dr.Bronner’s because they are %100 natural and have so many uses. You can do anything from washing your clothes to even brushing your teeth! 

How to Make a Cleaning Kit

 You will also need some good quality sponges and rubber gloves to keep your hands soft and free of harsh cleaners. Even natural cleaners can be rough on your hands after a lot of cleaning. 

How to Make a Cleaning Kit

 Don’t throw away your old tooth brushes! Upcycle and use them as cleaning tools. These scrubbing machines will do wonders for tiles, faucets, and any other nooks and crannies you can find:)

How to Make a Cleaning Kit

I did a whole video showing everything thats in my Spring cleaning kit as well as how I organize it. You can watch that by clicking on the image below:


Send me pics of your Spring cleaning kits to me on Twitter & Instagram @urhealthnut.



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  1. Hey, as Spring cleaning is almost here in Australia. Do you have any tips for cleaning shower glass screens. They’re always hard to do. Thanks Katherine.