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I’ve really been loving my French Press Coffee Maker lately and I wanted to show you all how I make my cup of Joe Decaf style:) I love that I don’t have to purchase those coffee filters anymore and wash out my old coffee machine very couple of weeks. A French Press is much easier to wash and doesn’t require any extra purchases in order to use it.. well besides the a actual coffee beans. As you’ll notice in my video, I like to grind my beans in small amounts and store them in a glass container in the fridge for freshness. If you don’t have a coffee grinder and don’t have the money to splurge on one, know that pretty much anywhere you can buy coffee beans they’ll also have a grinder there you can use. If this is the case you might want to buy smaller bags of coffee beans so it doesn’t go stale after time and lose some of it’s flavour. Another reason why I prefer the French Press as appose to the regular drip coffee maker is because since there is no filter the essential oils from the coffee are released into your cup and not absorbed by the filter. This allows you to consume more antioxidants from the coffee beans and I find it gives it a smoother flavour.

French Press Coffee Benefits:

-more antioxidants

-faster brewed coffee

-richer, fuller flavour

-No filters

-Easier to clean

-you can also brew lose leaf teas!

I also wanted to point out the type of coffee beans I’ve been using in my Coffee Press. I first started using Kicking Horse Decaf coffee beans which I absolutely love and is still my favourite coffee at the moment. The second type I’ve been using is a brand I picked up at Costco which is called WIlliam Spartivento and they are both organic, water processed and free-trade brands. I buy them both in decaf but the caffeinated options would be good to as long as you stick to only one cup per day:)

If you would like to purchase your own coffee press Bodum makes a wide variety of colours and are super cute for your kitchen counter.

What is your favourite way to make your cup of Joe? And what are your thoughts on the French Press method?

Your HealthNut <3

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