Spring Clean Your Fridge A Step by Step Guide

It’s that time of year again to spring clean your home and get ready for what the new year has to offer. Although I think organization is great for distressing, your closet isn’t the only thing that needs a cleaning. Why not spring clean a part of your home that you use on a daily basis to fill your grumbling tummy…that’s right your fridge!

If you’ve already embarked on a eat clean diet then it’s important that you give all your precious  cargo a clean and inviting home. Spring cleaning your fridge may seem like the last thing you want to do on your list of chores but I promise it will make eating healthy a breeze.

Easy step by step way to spring clean your fridge:

Out with old, in with the new

Clear out all the contents and toss out whats expired, artificial and/or items that you  cannot identity it’s ingredient list – rule of thumb if you can’t pronounce it don’t  eat it! Say good bye to those overly processed foods like mustard, ketchup and the biggest culprit BBQ sauce… They contain things like refined sugar, MSG, GMO’s, and other things that I can’t spell.

Get out those rubber gloves

Forget the chemicals- give your fridge a good wipe down with natures cleanser, vinegar and water. Presto! You now have a clean home to put all your healthy foods In without the smell of bleach lingering for days, not to mention its budget friendly.

BYOB- bring your own “BAG”

If your going to drop all that money on farm fresh, organically grown produce why not store it properly to hold the freshness and make it Last longer. Ditch the 5 cent plastic bags and store your fruits and veg in breathable bags Credo Bags make some great ones made from organic cotton, hemp and bamboo! Plus their also a Canadian Brand:) (insert company) makes a great natural alternative. Plan ahead, if your heading out to the market carry a reusable cotton bag like ( insert company) so that you don’t be o rely on the new that find their way to the landfills each week.

Wash, cut, and store your goodies

Wash and prepare your food for the week. Ever wonder why your fresh produce goes off before you even had a chance to eat it? Stop dumping those expensive veggies and fruits into the compost before you’ve had a chance to enjoy them. For instance, you can make your berries last twice as long if you rinse them with white vinegar water before storing them. As for the other stuff take as little as an hour each week to chop up different combinations of veggies so you can quickly add hem to salads, stir-frys, etc. if eating healthy is more convient you’ll fix our calling for takeout much less throughout the week.

Say no to plastic water bottles

Since summer is around the corner your going to be getting thirsty right? How about saving your money and opting for a cheaper more accessible choice- your tap water! It’s already filtered water and if anything it’s been regulated more than the bottled stuff. If you want you can always purchase a Brita filter either strait on your faucet or as a jug you place in your fridge. If you need your water on the go, get yourself a good grade BPA free stainless steel water bottle like the ones from Klean Kanteen– “The original eco-friendly, BPA-Free, steel water bottle”. Also try a slom bottle (available at IKEA) to store large amoutns of water- perfcet for meals at the table. Their a huge hit in Australia, you are always served one when your at a resturant or cafe to keep you hydrated in the hot weather. ” You’ll save heaps of money and you’ll never run out”.

Once you’ve completed your new spring fridge cleaning you’ll be dying to hit the markets and fill her up with natures goodness!

Your Healthnut

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