Healthy Food Should Be In Healthy Packages!

In the fast pace world that we live in, it is quite a challenge to prepare your own food. The only solution is to pack your lunch, take whatever is left over or takeout food from restaurants and then place them in plastic containers. Taking out food, in itself, is already quite unhealthy. Moreover, putting them in “unsafe” containers can add insult to injury. Admit it; your kitchen is probably filled with instant food that you can heat or take anywhere in a container. Convenient as it may sound, you should know that there is price to pay.What is BPA and How Can It Harm You? Bispherol A or BPA is a chemical used in different industries used to make various kinds of plastics. This chemical has been present since the 1960′s. BPA is usually present in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Ring a bell? Yes, this is the material used in making plastic containers for the food and drinks you buy and consume. Epoxy resins; on the other hand, is present in metal products like food cans where preserved food is. Sadly, researchers and scientists alike were able to discover that BPA is also present in bottles used for infants. If you have a baby around or anyone you know has a baby around, give them a ring and ask them to check if the milk bottles they use are BPA free.

Why Choose Glass Tupperware Instead of Plastic?

BPA alarms the Department of Health and the National Toxicology Program because it can seep through your food or beverages when you store them in plastic containers that contain BPA. As matter of fact the Government of Canada imposed the prohibition of BPA because of the adverse effects that BPA could cause. BPA can potentially disrupt endocrine processes and cause it to mimic estrogen that in turn would stimulate unnecessary reactions that can cause higher risks of heart disease, liver abnormalities or even diabetes. It can even harm fetuses!

This is why health professionals strongly advise consumers to use BPA free containers like glass Tupperware instead of plastic to store your foods. You should opt to place your drinks in coated aluminum or stainless steel bottles as well. If you are truly concerned with your health, start today and throw away any potentially harmful containers.

In addition, did you know that microwaving your food increases the chance of BPA migrating into your food? We’ve all been guilty of this. I’ve stopped popping stuff into the microwave while it was still in plastic container the moment I found out about this and switch to toxic free options like glass.

Now that you know about BPA and what it can do to your health, do you really believe your food is in “safe keeping”? Act now and move towards a cleaner and BPA free lifestyle! Throw out all food containers and invest in a healthy habit with BPA free products.

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