Nutty Bars

Before you leave the house today grab your favorite nut bar and stuff it in your bag! You can find plenty of flavors and brands at most grocery and health food stores. These handy and convenient bars are great for I between meals and after work or the gym to satisfy your tummy on the go. I found this one at a local grocery store here in Sydney, but you can pick them up anywhere. My favorite back in Canada are the Kind nut bars which you can even pick up at any Starbucks now. Yes Starbucks does actually have some healthy snacks unlike their high sodium on the go meals/ snack packages(stay away from these if you can). The one I purchased today was a cranberry and macadamia nut flavor one which is delish and fills up! I also love but bars because they are high in protein, healthy fats and are already portend out for you so you don’t overdo it. Now before you go and just pick up any old nut bar be sure to turn the box around and look at the ingredient list. Stay away from long lists, unpronounceable names, fake sugars, high sodium and artificial flavors and colors!


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