Gym Equipment On The Go

I can’t always get to a gym to get my workouts in, so instead I like searching for ways to get great results right at home. I don’t believe you have to be in a professional gym to have a great workout. I’m always looking for new exercises and equipment that can help me workout anywhere. If you’re bored with the regular exercises your currently doing, try switching it up by adding in one of these great portable equipments.

Ugi Ball: This is the new exercise ball, better for stability and building strength. It’s like a medicine ball but bigger. They come in different weights to suit your strength level.
Gymboss: This tiny timer is my all time favourite. If you haven’t heard of HIIT you should definitely check it out. HIIT stands for, High Intensity Interval Training. It lets you burn the most calories in a short period of time while building strength and endurance. It combines cardio and strength training into one great workout routine. This timer helps you do just that by allowing you to set different intervals of training. For more information about HIIT and classes in Toronto check out HIIT Fitness!Valslide: This great little gadget helps you with core and overall body stability and strength. They are small and easy to bring with you anywhere. I will have a review coming soon!
Skipping ropeYes, that’s right the old fashioned skipping rope. This is a great equipment to use in between sets of weights or just for straight cardio. Try skipping for 15 min before your workout to warm you up and you’ll be sure to feel the burn in your arms and core.

Resistance bands: Another great piece of equipment for working out on the go. You can buy these with or without handles and in different resistance strengths. Check back soon to see my own take on these bands and what exercises you can do with them.

Free hand weights: If youhaven’t already read my article about women and weights you should and if you have then you know my thoughts about them. Muscle burns fat, so why not create more muscle by lifting weights and toning up. The important thing about using free weights is posture and form, practice before attempting to lift any heaving weights.

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